Save 30% on the Season II Battle Pass!


How goes the fight in Season II: Wrath of the Nomads, warlords? If you’re yet to get your Battle Pass, you can now enjoy 30% off the regular price for a limited time!

You can grab the Season II Battle Pass either from the MY.GAMES Market or Steam for just €6.99 ($6.99)! To receive this and any other items or packs purchased from Steam in-game, log in to your web inventory on the Conqueror’s Blade website, then transfer your items to your character.

With the Battle Pass, you can access every reward tier in Season II. Complete daring challenges to unlock over 100 premium rewards, including exclusive seasonal items like the Shaman’s Ceremonial Hero Attire, Noyan’s Battle Hero Attire, Ortoq Guard’s Unit Attire, and lots more!

The Season II Battle Pass is discounted until February 12. Get yours now to maximise your earned rewards this season!