Inside Cohorts and Legions


Last week we implemented a new system whereby unaffiliated players can take part in Territory Wars by joining one of four Legions. As previously mentioned, these legions are NPC-administered rather than run by players and their aim is to bring together all the fiefs of their respective regions under one banner, hence the name “Imperial Restorationists”. Of course, the player-run houses and alliances (collectively now known as “Free Houses”) have no intention of halting their own territory-owning ambitions, and so we now have a new dynamic in the eternal bi-weekly battle for domination.

Previously we ran through the process of joining a Legion and how each is made up of a number of cohorts. In this follow-up guide, we look a bit deeper into their structures and the rewards for staying loyal to the imperial cause.

You have a duty to complete seven days of service when you join a Legion, after which you can leave to join another (or a Free House). However, you can only join the Legion of another region after the “Crossing Frontiers” campaign has been activated (which is already the case for Season II). Note that Acclaim points earned are specific to a Legion. If you leave, you will only be able to reclaim them only when you rejoin.   

Legions see themselves as the rightful owners of all the lands of their region, having controlled them since before player-run Houses were unleashed. Therefore, if you take part in battles that result in the return of a fief that was previously under your Legion’s control, you will receive a reward similar to those enjoyed by Free House members, plus some Acclaim points (which we’ll get to shortly).

The process of taking part in Territory Wars is practically identical for members of Cohorts and Legions as it is for those of Houses and Alliances. Where player groups make war with a cost to their Prestige, the AI will randomly-select one War Target for each Cohort. You can check these on the map by pressing M - yours will be highlighted with a special icon.

If you wish to receive a new War Target, go to the Campaign screen (press F5, then select the Campaign tab) and click the circular arrow. Alternatively, if you have Quest Tracking enabled, War Targets are displayed via a second tab to the right of the main screen. Note that you can only request a new War Target twice a week for free before you are charged an amount of Silver.,  `

As the member of a Legion - and by taking part in Territory Wars -  every week you will have the opportunity to increase your standing within your Cohort. The more Acclaim you have accrued from successfully securing War Targets, the higher your rank will be, starting as Soldier, and rising to become Veteran, Officer, Marshal, Seneschal and Commander. Be aware however that each Cohort can only have a limited number of higher ranks (1x Commander, for example), which are assigned in direct relation to the player with the highest total of Acclaim points. As a highly-ranking player you may find yourself demoted if you don’t maintain your participation.

Whatever rank you attain and however long you stay a member of your chosen Legion, we hope you enjoy the opportunities the new system allows. Perhaps your experience as a defender of your chosen region will inspire you to form or become part of a house or alliance, so you can fight for even greater riches and rewards, and create a legacy that’s more your own!