As part of the Wrath of the Nomads update we introduced a feature that allows you to reclaim Honour points, allowing you to unlock units and buffs from other parts of the Unit Tree. You may think, for example, that the route to unlocking Iron Reapers via Palace Guards was the wrong one, and that you’d like to try Imperial Pike Guards instead - well, now you can! Here’s how:

First, you need a stack of Honour Reset Tokens, each able to reclaim 100 Honour points. You can acquire them from the main in-game Store (press C) for 5 Sovereigns each. Alternatively, check the Seasonal Store (F5), where they should be available for a comparable number of seasonal reward tokens. (At the time of writing, during Season II, they cost 5 Fangs each).

Next, press U and select the Unit Tree, where you will see the familiar flowchart of unit cards and nodes. To reclaim the Honour points from a node you’ve previously unlocked, simply mouse over it and click (right or left works). If it’s not between two unlocked nodes and you have enough tokens (1 per 100 Honour points), you will be given the option to reset it.

Before you do “Reset Note”, be aware that you do not lose any previously assigned Honour points in the process of reclaiming them. As an example, Provincial Army Training costs 900 Honour points to unlock. You will get all the Honour back for the price of 9 Honour Reset Tokens if you later wish to reassign those 900 points elsewhere.

Note also that you cannot reclaim Honour points that have already been used to unlock units, only the nodes between units. However, if you reset a node that’s a prerequisite for a unit you’ve unlocked, you will not be able to deploy that unit until the node is unlocked again. Following on from the above example, if you have a unit of Ironcap Swordsmen in your army, if you reset the Provincial Army Training node, you will get back 900 Honour points, but the unit will then be shaded out in your Barracks. If you later assign 900 Honour to unlock the prerequisite node, the unit will be ready for duty with the same XP and Veterancy it had before!