A world of matchmaking has opened up


As important as it is to explore the open-world in Conqueror’s Blade, one of the problems of doing so - until the release of Season II - was that you were unable to participate in matchmaking battles. There was a very good reason for this, but it did restrict the number of players available for matchmaking when the ideal has always been to have as many as possible queueing to fight.

The good news is that we’ve now implemented a way for those in the open-world to enjoy all the fun of matchmaking battles without having to temporarily remove them from the open-world. It’s a very simple solution, which just requires you to set-up a camp - which you can select from the relevant icon at the bottom of the screen, or by pressing J to initiate matchmaking as you would in a town.

While you’re at camp (including while waiting for or taking part in a matchmaking battle), you cannot move, be pursued or initiate pursuit of another player in the open-world. To later continue in the open-world, you simply “Strike Camp”, although you need to have concluded or exited a battle and not be in the countdown timer for a new one.

As an aside, you cannot set up camp during Territory Wars and any camps that are active at the start of such events will be deactivated. If you want to enjoy matchmaking battles during bi-weekly conquest sessions, simply make for the nearest settlement.