MY.GAMES Market: Final Round of 25% Discounts on Attire!


The MY.GAMES Market is your one-stop shop for Conqueror’s Blade content at amazing prices. To celebrate the launch of our new storefront, we’re offering discounts on the best in-game Attire throughout December in the MY.GAMES Market Winter Sale!

A final round of new Attire Sets are available for purchase starting today. Save a huge 25% on:

  • Draconic Horse Attire: Let your mount instill the terror of fire, wings, and death in your enemies.
  • Eagle Guard Unit Attire: The eastern lands are home to warriors with keen eyesight, razor claws, and lightning-fast attacks! Clad your units in the garb of the Eagle Guard, noble sentinels who watch over their homeland from the highest mountain peaks.
  • Onibi Hero Attire: Command armies and terrify enemies with the steely gaze of this furious armor.

The Draconic Horse Attire, Eagle Guard Unit Attire, and Onibi Hero Attire will be available from the MY.GAMES Market from December 23rd at 00:01 CET until December 29th at 23:59 CET.

Attire for Heroes, Horses and Units in Conqueror’s Blade is purely cosmetic, and does not grant additional bonuses or advantages during gameplay. It just looks really, really cool.