Winter deals, decorations and other delights are available now!


To celebrate the onset of the game’s first winter and the first dusting of snow, the citizens of Conqueror’s Blade have been busy decorating the streets, garlanding trees and leaving gifts throughout the open-world. Despite the chill appearing outside, there’s plenty of warmth to be enjoyed in-game during this festive season. Let’s take a look!


After quietly working away in secret, the finest tailors and armourers have revealed their holiday attires, which are available now from the in-game Store. For the seasonal hero, the Santa Costume and Santa’s Helper Costume will enliven any battlefield, and you can complete the look by adorning your horse with a Christmas Mount Costume. If you want to treat your units to some seasonal gear, the Festive Elf Unit Costume and Reindeer Unit Mount Costume are also available.


If it’s a bargain you’re keen on, there’s a 25% discount on purchasing Mercenary units from the War Scholar, making this a great time to bulk up your armies with experienced troops. Meanwhile, if it’s a new look you require for the new year, there’s a 15% in-game Store discount on our recently-added Varangian Warrior AttireEastern Outrider Unit Attire and Windblown Horse Attire. The reductions don’t end there - with a massive 25%-off ALL other hero, unit and horse skins and attire sets.


This is a Siege of Augolia like you’ve never played before! Launch massive snowballs into the city to slow down the enemy, who in turn must seek out the warmth of fires and braziers to return to full and active duty - before the chill takes hold again! This a battle against the elements as much as it is against the enemy - cold war, medieval style!


Finally, if you approach Christmas trees in the open-world you could uncover a temporary new look for your wagon, a Santa’s Sleigh. Unfortunately, it’s not the Santa’s Sleigh, since you can’t fly or distribute presents, but it will surely excite all you pass by and may even ignite a warm glow in the hearts of your armies as they march to the next battle. Unfortunately, your wagons will shed the sled-look before too long, but there’s no shortage of trees to look beneath!

Winter festivities will cease on Tuesday 14th January 2020, with the snows due to melt, the discounts to end and seasonal attires withdrawn. Until then, happy conquering from everyone on the Conqueror’s Blade MY.GAMES team!