Track down the CM team and win some festive gear


On Friday the Conqueror’s Blade Community Team will be donning seasonal armour and aiming to spread some good cheer by travelling across the game’s open worlds. If you manage to find and approach one of them, your name will be put in the hat and you could find yourself unwrapping one of our brand new and unseen festive attires - specially designed to give your cheeks a rosy red glow as you carve up your enemies.

[CM] Kaeden, [CM] Chibs, [CM] Ishtrall and [CM] Pablovanu will be ho-ho-ho-ing across the snow-dusted realms of EU West 1 from 17:00 CET on Friday 20th December, then from 18:00 CET on EU West 2, then [CM] Kagenekol will be doing the same across the NA server from 5pm PST. Some of their adventures will be streamed via Twitch and Facebook, and there’s sure to be discussion as to the team’s outward appearance and whereabouts in our Discord channel, so you should be able to track them quite easily.

If you want to enjoy any in-game encounters from a different perspective, check out the following community streams: 




Good luck and stay frosty out there!