The Steppes are home to nomadic tribes who live off the land while enduring the harshest environments, whose combat skills have decided the fates of empires. Smash through new challenges, earn exclusive rewards, and unlock the mighty Sons of the Steppes unit line in Conqueror’s Blade Season II: Wrath of the Nomads,  available to download for free today!


Season II introduces a brand-new feature: complete a special set of challenges to unlock seasonal units, which are permanently available to recruit without spending any Honour. 

Spearheading the charge, the Sons of the Steppes are the first new seasonal units to join Conqueror’s Blade! These nomadic warriors hail from the great rolling steppes of the north, a native tribe who move, hunt, and fight for themselves in a world now ravaged by war. Knowledge is power, and their survival skills and history within this land makes many warlords eager to draw swords with them.

Six new units are available to unlock and recruit, including:

  • Namkhan Archers (Tier 3): Hunstmen and herders serving in the warband of their local chieftain. To assist in tracking and destroying escaping enemies, these troops use barbed arrows, and then follow the blood-trails. Like most steppe units, Namkhan Archers are vulnerable to ranged weapons, but excel in field battles.

  • Selemchid Cavalry (Tier 3): These horsemen make good reconnaissance units, and can execute flank attacks in smaller battles. Unlike many melee cavalry units, they charge into combat without using lances, but should take care to avoid enemies with ranged weapons.

  • Khorchins (Tier 3): Khorchins are mobile, have excellent attack capabilities, and can shoot accurately while galloping at full speed. They carry two types of ammunition: one for maximum damage, and one for armour penetration. Khorchins are frequently the first steppe unit an enemy force encounters, so these cavalrymen must be prepared to fight any foe they find.

  • Tseregs (Tier 4): The assault infantry of a chieftain’s warband. Their armour is fairly weak compared to the armies of the south, but the Tseregs’ fighting traditions allow them to bypass a blocking shield, or attack more quickly for a short time. They will fight well in open spaces, and should aim to close the distance with the enemy as quickly as possible.

  • Khevtuul Cavalry (Tier 4): The main battle force in any mounted steppe warband, being equally at home using bows as they are using swords. Years of fighting experience have allowed them to use the “Hunter’s Charge”, which will send any enemy unit not destroyed outright running for the hills in fear.

  • Kheshigs (Tier 5): Bodyguards to the Great Khan and his family in peacetime, but on the battlefield, they are the elite heavy cavalry force and the dread of their enemies. Their most fearsome tactic is to charge into an enemy unit, then turn and charge once more after their leader. A wise commander can use this to hook around an enemy battle line and strike its open flanks.

Don’t worry if you don’t manage to complete all the challenges during the season, you can still unlock the Sons of the Steppes after Season II has ended.



Fight. Rise through the ranks. Earn epic loot. Blaze through over 100 levels of the Battle Pass by tackling daring challenges, and unlock exclusive nomadic-themed rewards along the way. By the way, it’s easier than ever before to progress through the lower levels!

There are loads of free rewards up for grabs throughout Season II if you have the basic version of the Battle Pass. You can also upgrade your Battle Pass to the premium version to begin unlocking every level of rewards, including premium rewards.


Collect unique items only available during Season II, inspired by the newly-discovered nomadic tribes. Clad your army in thick furs, antler helms, and the garb of the proud peoples of the Steppes, and also nomadic-themed weapon skins, including:

  • Noyan’s Battle Attire (Hero Attire)

  • Khurul Unit Attire

  • Snow Tiger Unit Attire

  • Khanate Guard Unit Attire

  • Shaman’s Ceremonial Attire (Hero Attire)

The Sons of the Steppes hold the wolf in reverence as a sacred creature. Collect their totemic Fangs (available as bonus level rewards beyond level 100 on the Battle Pass), and redeem them in the seasonal shop to claim even more epic content.


Get to grips with three new maps during Season II, including:

  • Allenburg (Siege): Nestled in an undulating valley, this magnificent castle city may prove difficult to capture, as its inner fortress presents a challenge to those who breach the outer defences.

  • Emerald River (15 v 15 Field Battle): Surrounded by mountains and divided by a great river, there are many strategic opportunities to take advantage of on this map. Secure the high ground for an advantage!

  • Cliff Duel (Deathmatch): Will your doom be decided on the edge of the world? Surrounded by stunning landscapes and cloud-kissed peaks, this battleground is perched precariously on a cliff’s edge, giving a sense of danger and finality to your battles here.

We’re also bringing back a recent Expedition map for Field Battles:

  • Desert Fortress (Field Battle): Built to hold back the tide of invaders from distant lands, this arid stronghold has withstood many battles over the course of history.

Starting with Season II, we will be temporarily taking some older maps out of action on a regular basis to implement balance changes and tweaks, before reintroducing them to regular rotation at a later date. 

The Hidden City (Siege), Harbour City (Siege), Ghost Town (Field Battle), Grassland Conquest (15 v 15 Field Battle), and Battle in the Mountains (Deathmatch) maps have now been removed from rotation. We hope you look forward to playing the new and improved versions of these maps when they return in the future!


Throughout Season II, a series of campaigns will be released where you are tasked to complete certain objectives on behalf of your House, with rewards available at each stage. Stage 1: The Baron’s War is now active – start conquering fiefs in your region for the glory of your House!


Warlords can now wage war from anywhere in the open world! Press ‘J’ and click on the ‘Camp’ icon to camp, and once completed, you will be able to access matchmaking battles (this works the same as in forts). You can still team up with other warlords and join battles with players elsewhere in the world while matchmaking in the open world. 


A new system awards warlords loyal to Houses with titles based on their land ownership. Capturing fiefs will give the House Liege a title, such as Catellan, and the ability to grant a lower-ranking title, such as Reeve, to House members (a similar system will also be in place for NPC Houses). Weekly rewards will be granted to warlords who have earned one of the new titles!


Ranked Matchmaking is a new competitive seasonal event where players can engage in ranked battles to climb the ranks and earn rewards.


A new Territory Wars feature will allow you to join NPC Houses from four different alliances, so you won’t be left out if you haven’t settled into a player-run House yet.


  • Complete eight new Weekly Challenges across eight weeks! You can reset two challenges per week if don’t like the look of them. New challenges will be cycled in at 00:00 (server time) every Thursday.

  • Don’t fail to prepare. Create a Warband Build before joining battles or leaving a city! Click ‘U’ to open the Unit Interface, select ‘Warband Builds’, and create a build for the open world or matchmaking battles.

  • Conqueror’s City is coming! Fight for control of this coveted fortress later on in Season II as part of the Territory War Campaigns.

  • Lots of bug fixes, optimisations, plus rebalancing of units, maps, and weapons.

If you want to explore all the changes in the Season II update, check out the patch notes. More detailed information about upcoming features will be made available in the near future.

The battlefield awaits. Update your game to start blazing through the new unit line and Battle Pass in Conqueror’s Blade Season II: Wrath of the Nomads!