As previously announced, the Season II: Wrath of the Nomads update is due to be released on Thursday 19th December. You can prepare for what's new and improved by checking out our partial patch notes. We will have a full breakdown of the patch soon in this article, keep checking back for updates.


  • Deployed Season II Interfaces, players can access Season II by heading to the top of their navigational bar.

  • Season Level System, available in the Overview in the Season II interface.

  • Season II Battle Pass

    • A whole new pass full of new cosmetics and other exciting rewards. You can preview some of the rewards in our latest guide.

  • Weekly Challenges

    • 8 Weeks worth of Challenges to complete, 8 challenges per week.

    • You can reset 2 challenges each week if you do not like the challenges you receive from the system.

    • Challenges reset every Thursday at 00:00 server time.

  • Seasonal Store

    • Use Fangs (earnt from the Battle Pass) to purchase cosmetics and consumables from the Seasonal store.

  • Campaign Mode

    • Participate in Territory War content to gain access to additional rewards.

  • Unit Challenges

    • Unlock the new Sons of the Steppe unit line by completing specific challenges. More information can be found in our Unit Challenge guide.


Ranked Matchmaking will be launching 2020, a new competitive seasonal event where players can engage in ranked battles to climb the ranks and earn rewards.

We will have a more indepth guide explaining this feature around it’s launch.


  • You can now create Warband Builds in advance and choose existing builds before joining matched battles or leaving the city.

  • Click “U” to open the Unit Interface and Choose Warband Builds. From there, you have an option to create a build for the Open-World or for Matchmaking Battles. 

You can find more information in our Warband Build guide.


You can now see your Seasonal Career progress in the Achievement interface.


Added a separate tab for Doctrines to your inventory:

  • This feature works as a separate inventory system. All of your unequipped Doctrines will be automatically moved from your Inventory to your Doctrine Bag.


The Honour Reset Token is allows you to reset nodes on the Unit Tree. Each node costs a different number of Honour Reset Tokens. One Honour Reset Token will reset up to 100 Honour, and is consumed on use. After resetting a node, the unit or bonus it allowed will no longer apply or be available. If you reset the node for a unit you have already unlocked, the unit will no longer be available for use. This item is consumed on use.



  • Conqueror’s City is located on a mountain in the middle of The Borderlands, waiting for real heroes to come and conquer.

  • It is composed of the inner city and four major gates.

  • Once the Conqueror’s City opens, when attacking, Houses must occupy any one of the gates first before they can attack the inner city.


Take part in new Territory War content by completing objectives for each Stage of the Campaign. You will be rewarded when completing specific tasks for your House.

Stage 1: The Baron’s War:

  • Conquer the fiefs in your region for the glory of your House.

Stage 2: Crossing Frontiers

  • Conquer a Border post to open the road into the Borderlands.

Stage 3: Heart of the World

  • Invade the Borderlands and conquer a fief for the glory of your House.

Stage 4: Conqueror’s Crown

  • To become world-conqueror, you must overcome the ultimate challenge and take over Conqueror’s City.

Stage 5: Imperial Dawn

Please note, if a Stage in the Campaign has ended, you cannot go back to that Stage to complete tasks and earn rewards. Stages duration is based on Season-Opening times.


Solo Warlords rejoice, you will now be able to take part in Territory War content by joining up with 1 of the 4 allied NPC Houses in our new Legion Alliance system. 

This feature will be available shortly after Season II’s launch. We will have a more indepth guide explaining this feature in the near future.


Receive new player titles when you fight and capture fiefs on behalf of your House: your titles will even earn you weekly rewards!

We will be providing more information on this system in a separate publication very soon.


  • Added the following maps to rotation:

    • Siege: Allenburg

    • Field: Desert Fortress

    • Field (15v15): Emerald River

    • Deathmatch: Cliff Duel

  • Removed the following maps from rotation for rework purposes:

    • Siege: Hidden City and Harbour City

    • Field: Ghost Town

    • Field (15v15): Grassland Conquest

    • Deathmatch: Battle in the Mountain

  • The PVE Event line that was introduced with the Rattan Resistance update has now ended and has been removed from all respective interfaces/modes.

There are more changes included in this update that we will be detailing in a separate Patch Note update not long after the launch of the Wrath of the Nomads.


  • Warlords can now use Matchmaking in the Open-world.

  • Press J and click on the “Camp” icon to Camp in the open-world, once your camping is completed, you will be able to open Matchmaking battles, which works the same as matchmaking in forts. 

  • Warlords who camp in the open-world can still team up and join battles with Warlords who are matchmaking from other areas of the world.

  • Please note:

    • After camping, Warlords cannot move, pursue or be pursued by other Warlords. Other actions in the open-world are also limited.

    • The camping status can be cancelled by clicking “Leave the Camp”, however, it cannot be cancelled after a battle countdown begins.

    • Warlords cannot camp during Territory War and all current camps will be cancelled by the system automatically.



The number of battle lines for Cities has been adjusted from 2 to 1.

The number of battle lines for Forts has been adjusted from 3 to 1.


During Territory War, you no longer need to declare war to enter the battle, but you still need to be in a House to open the battlefield.



After checking the trading data, we decided to raise the guidance price for the following items:

  • Rare Helmet Schematic

  • Rare Cuirass Schematic

  • Rare Glove Schematic

  • Rare Boots Schematic

You can check the adjusted guidance price in the auction house.


  • Added a Disguise Kit item which allows players to change their appearance.
  • Added a Gender Change Token which allows players to change their gender.
  • Removed Discount on items added with Black Friday Sale.
  • Added Honour Reset Tokens.
  • Added Land of Sacrifice Scroll.


  • Units will no longer become wounded or lost after they die in Expeditions I, II and III.

  • Optimized the UI when units forming up, making it more obvious in grassland.

  • Optimized the shooting sound effect of Vassal Longbowmen.

  • Optimized the formation of Men-at-Arms, making it can block enemies while protecting Warlords.

  • Optimized the scatter formation for all cavalry units.

  • Optimized the visual effect of cavalry charge, making it more obvious in bright scenery.

  • Slightly increased the height of Iron Reapers, making it more in line with the historical prototype.

  • Optimized the dispersed formation of Iron Reapers with more regular layout.


This feature is part of the War Scholar interface and is still under development. We will share more news on this feature in the coming weeks.


  • Optimized the artillery setting in the final area of Battle at the Storehouse. Removed the Grapeshot Cannon near the back door. Replaced the Grapeshot Cannon next to stairs with a Scorpio.

  • Optimized the filter in Auction House.

  • Warlords can now get 3 Requisition Order at most from one Secret Vault (previously 5).

  • The crafting tax consumption will be displayed when reforging equipment.

  • When Warlords resupply their unit kits, relevant items will be directly shown in market interface with just one click.

  • When Warlords expand their stable, Horse Trough can be purchased with just one click and will take effect automatically.

  • Some weekly Fields of Glory quests were too hard to be complete, so we have adjusted the difficulty:

    • Before: Fields of Glory I/II/III: Win 3/6/9 Matched Field Battles.

    • After: Fields of Glory I/II/III: Join 3/6/9 Matched Field Battles.


The Wrath of the Nomads update features a large amount of balancing changes for Warlords and Units alike. Due to the sheer number of changes, we have decided to put this in a separate publication which you can find here.


Warlord and Units:

  • Fixed a bug where Spear heroes couldn’t use Q to dismount when using “Full Tilt Charge”.

  • Fixed a bug that Longsword & Shield’s skill: Mercy of Heaven animation would cause low frame issue when there were too many soldiers nearby.

  • Fixed a bug when Warlords respawned after died while climbing ladders, unit skill button remained unchanged even after new unit has been deployed.

  • Fixed a bug where, in certain circumstances, units can get wrong doctrine effects.

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes cavalry and infantry units charged in the opposite direction.

  • Fixed the incorrect charge animation of Cataphract Lancers and Dagger-Axe Lancers

  • Fixed a bug where in some circumstances, the visual effect of cavalry charge didn’t play correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where the second stage of Ironcap Swordsmens’ Endurance Training skill did not take effect correctly.

  • Fixed a model issue on the Winged Hussars where sometimes soldiers and their mount behaved by separating from each other.

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes Winged Hussars’ charge couldn’t hit enemies.

  • Fixed a bug where Prefecture Archers could shoot flaming arrows in the rain.

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes Men-at-Arms couldn’t attack enemies while protecting Warlords.

  • Fixed a bug where Serfs couldn’t charge during Schiltron formation.

  • Fixed a bug where weekly quest retrieval could retrieve wrong weekly quest reward chest.


  • Fixed a bug where projectiles of defender’s artillery were blocked by the city wall in Augolia Siege battle.


  • Fixed a bug where when one Warlord quit the team, during team matchmaking, it had a chance to result in other Warlords not being able to queue for another battle.

  • Fixed the incomplete display of allies’ units in the TAB interface during battles.

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes daily quest retrieval could retrieve wrong quests.

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes weekly quest retrieval could retrieve quests from previous weeks.

  • Fixed a bug where the weather icon didn’t display correctly in deployment interface.