Producer Update: December 18, 2019


Hey there, warlords! My name is Jacek, and I’m the new Producer for Conqueror’s Blade. I’m joining the team to ensure that the game is on the best possible course for the new year, together with my fellow Producer Alexey. I’ve got lots of experience working on different free-to-play titles, both for MY.GAMES and elsewhere, and I’m thrilled to be joining such an exciting game.

As I get myself really well acquainted with Conqueror’s Blade and the entire development and publishing teams in the coming weeks, I’m going to help steer the game into the calmest, and most promising waters for 2020 and the years to come. I’m really happy to be here with you, and I’m looking forward to going through all your feedback!


How many levels will the Battle Pass have?
The Battle Pass will have 200 levels, with the main rewards spanning from level 1 to 100. After you reach level 100, you will be rewarded with Fangs, Season II’s version of Conquest Tokens, which can be used to redeem seasonal content.

Will the Battle Pass be easier to complete compared to Season I?
We have listened to feedback and optimised the Battle Pass to make progression much smoother. We will continue to monitor and listen to feedback throughout Season II to continue to make this feature more engaging and rewarding.

Are Unit Challenges part of the Battle Pass?
They are not. Unit Challenges are part of the Season, but they are NOT a part of the Battle Pass, meaning anyone can take part in the Challenges and unlock the units.

Can I unlock all of the new units for free?


When do you plan to release the system where warlords can reset the Honour from their unit nodes?

We plan to release this system with Season II. We will be providing more information on this feature in an article very soon!

Will you be adding new maps with Season II?

Yes! We will be introducing the following new maps:

  • Siege: Allenburg
  • Field Battle: Desert Fortress
  • 15 v 15 Field Battle: Emerald River
  • Deathmatch: Cliff Duel

Which maps will be taken out of rotation for improvements?

  • Siege: Hidden City, Harbour City
  • Field Battle: Ghost Town
  • 15 v 15 Field Battle: Grassland Conquest
  • Deathmatch: Battle in the Mountain


A few months ago you mentioned that you would be releasing maps every week, why has this not happened?

Throughout the year, many of our focuses shifted towards bringing more engaging and fun mechanics to Conqueror’s Blade. Seasons, challenges, new modes and events all took considerable development time, and we were unable to keep up with our intended schedule. However, our original plan was to release maps until the international version of Conqueror’s Blade caught up with the Chinese version. Currently we are planning different rotations of maps, and you will soon see many new battlefields to conquer, and new changes worked into older maps.

Are we going to implement new brackets for players between level 30 and 60, and to prevent level 60 players from facing level 500+ players?

We are currently working on different matchmaking possibilities. We are aware of the issues, and we will try to present some solutions throughout the course of Season II.

With the introduction of cross-server matchmaking, some warlords do not want to play against players on other servers. Do you plan to introduce a opt-out feature in the matchmaking interface?

We are exploring this possibility. However, cross-server only works for matchmaking battles, and you still can play grouped with your friends. We’ve also heard concerns about being matched with older servers, but the possible discrepancy on one server is much bigger than on EU West 1 and EU West 2, which have three weeks of difference. This is related more to overall matchmaking issues we are currently working on, rather than cross-server matchmaking itself.

Do you plan to merge EU West 1 and EU West 2?

Both servers have a healthy population, and while we are always monitoring server populations to give players the best experience possible, we currently have no plans to do this.

Do you plan to add new ways to get unit experience?

We are planning different events and bonus activities that will allow you to level up your units faster.

Will you lower the unit experience required to level up units?

Over the last few months we have been closely monitoring unit experience balancing and feedback on this topic. We have decided to make the following changes with Season II:

  • Decreased the amount of experience needed to level up units.
  • Decreased the amount of experience needed significantly to level up units over level 15.
  • Decreased the amount of nodes needing to be unlocked as a prerequisite to unlock Tier 5 units.

We will be continuing to keep an eye on this system and will be continuing to read your feedback regarding unit experience gains and will make necessary tweaks dependant on balance and sentiment.

Do you have any plans to become more efficient when dealing with exploit abusers?

We are constantly working on these issues together with developers in order to stop cheaters and abusers ruining the gameplay experiences of honest players.

Do you plan to add a way for warlords to gift in-game store items to other players? 

Yes, we’re exploring this possibility.

Are there plans to implement new warlord classes or game modes in the near future?

We will soon release a roadmap for everyone to see the glorious future and the biggest upcoming beats of Conqueror’s Blade.

Will we ever see the House bank function? It was mentioned that this was being looked into in a previous producer video.

It’s not in active development right now. However, improving Houses and making House members’ lives easier is still a very high development priority.

Conqueror’s Blade stormed into Open Beta in June 2019. Since its launch, we’ve released four major updates, introduced the Rattan, Crusade, and Sons of the Steppes unit lines, added loads of new battlefields and features, and established a mighty global community of warlords. In addition to tomorrow’s Season II: Wrath of the Nomads update, we’ve got so much more in store for the future. Here’s to an incredible 2020, we can’t wait to share our plans with you in the new year!

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you on the battlefield!