There is a new feature of the Unit interface that allows you to create and save Warband Builds so that you instead of clicking on individual units to take with you every time you start a battle or leave a settlement, you can select one of a number of pre-selected unit arrangements instead. This allows you to not only join battles more quickly, but you can save deployments that are successful or that are suited to particular styles of gameplay. 

1. To create or amend a Unit Build, press ‘U’ to bring up the Unit panel and select the new ‘Warband Build’ tab.

2. Click on ‘For Battles’ to see or create your deployments for matchmaking battles, or on ‘Open World’ for builds to take with you when leaving settlements. You can have up to three for each.

3. Select an empty deployment slot to create a new scheme, or click on “Primary Build” to amend it.

4. You can change the selected Build name at any time by clicking the icon to the right of the current name in the lower panel.

5. To add a unit to the build, click on an empty card in the lower panel to bring up a panel of your available units. To remove a selected unit from the current scheme, mouse over the unit card and the ‘Remove’ icon will appear above it. 

6. Builds will be saved automatically, but you can select a favourite by clicking on ‘Set as Default’. This will be your selected choice when starting a matching battle or interacting with the Watchman, but you can change it via the ‘Select Build’ drop-down box. You can also change or remove individual units my mousing a unit card and selecting the appropriate command.

7. In addition to displaying your Leadership points status and total, you will also be shown marching speed, maximum marching time and Labour values when configuring and selecting Open World Warband Builds

Note that you cannot currently delete Warband Builds, but if you change its name and swap out all the units, it will effectively be new. The only limit is to the number of selectable builds you can choose from, which currently stands at three.

The above images are taken from a pre-release version of the update and cannot be considered final.