Up until now, new units introduced to Conqueror’s Blade were unlocked much as they have been since early beta; by spending Honour Points. Things will be different from the release of Wrath of the Nomads, as access to season-specific units will be tied to a new set of challenges. More directly, the more of the new Seasonal Unit Challenges you complete, the more units you will unlock as the season progresses.

There will be seven separate challenges per “stage”, with multiple stages to complete depending on the unit tier. Challenges will be accessible to all players - which means you are not hindered by not having a Battle Pass. Also, unlike most seasonal content, these challenges will not expire, so that if you don’t manage to unlock all of the new Season 2 units during Season 2, you can continue for as long as it takes.


Choose from:

Available from:

Complete 2x Tier-3 Unit Challenge stages

Namkhan Archers (Tier-3)

Selemchid Cavalry (Tier-3)

Khorchins (Tier-3)

The start of Season 2

Unlock 2x Tier-3 units

Complete 4x Tier-4 Unit Challenge stages

Tsereg (Tier-4)

Khevtuul Cavalry (Tier-4)

7-days after the start of Season 2

Unlock 1x Tier-4 unit

Complete 9x Tier-5 Unit Challenge stages

Kheshigs (Tier-5)

14-days after the start of Season 2

If you don’t have the time to complete the required challenges, it will be possible to use Sovereigns to skip them, in much the same way that you can complete Daily and Weekly Quests. The option to do so will be available in the Seasonal Challenge interface

Just as a final note, there are no plans to reassign any of the current units to the Seasons interface, which will continue to require Honour to unlock. It is only unreleased units that are directly tied in with future seasonal gameplay that may require challenges to unlock.

The above images are taken from a pre-release version of the update and cannot be considered final.