Territory Wars reset coming as part of Season 2


It is time to bring to an end the current state of war in Conqueror’s Blade and prepare for a new era of conquest. With Season 2 approaching on December 19th, we will be resetting Territory Wars so that when a new age of hostilities gets underway, we can ensure that all players, houses and alliances will charge into battle across a level playing field.

In addition to the following changes being in place on December 19th, due to the winter holidays, we will be running Territory Wars in Drill Mode on the 21st, 24th, 28th and 31st of December. Please plan your campaigns accordingly!


  • Diplomacy between alliances will be reset to Neutral.
  • There will be NO CHANGE to alliances in terms of names, member houses, member warlords or leadership.


  • House level will return to Level 1.
  • House Prestige will be reset to 0
  • Unresolved war declarations will be cancelled.
  • House markers, which are used on the open-world map to tag Resources and places of interest for House members will be removed.
  • House membership will no longer be determined by level. All houses can have up to 100 members, regardless.
  • There will be NO CHANGE to houses in terms of their names, members, leadership, history or achievements.    


  • Fief ownership will be transferred to NPC houses.
  • A fief’s resource centres will return to default with access and transit permitted.
  • Fief levels and quests are to be reset.
  • Fief Prosperity will revert to 100.


  • Players will have access to acquire and transport resources.
  • Site reserves will be set to full.
  • The collection tax rate will revert to 100%.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Territory Wars reset, please direct them via the usual channels. You can always share your thoughts and request clarification in our Discord channel.