The Eagle Knight Attire and Immortal Attire Sets are back in the store! For 72 hours only, you can get an irresistible 15% discount when you gear up with one of these rare sets of armor.

Watching from the highest mountain peaks in the eastern lands, the Eagle Knights are noble sentinels with keen eyesight, razor claws, and lightning-fast attacks. Channel their prowess with the Eagle Knight Attire Set, available for 680 Sovereigns (usually 800 Sovereigns), which includes the Eagle Knight Jingasa, Eagle Knight Kusari Jacket, Eagle Knight Bracers, and Eagle Knight Boots.

Legends of your conquests will echo through eternity when you equip the Immortal armor, elite protection based on the furious visage of a Japanese war god. The Immortal Attire Set is available for 1,275 Sovereigns (usually 1,500 Sovereigns) and includes the Immortal Kabuto, Immortal Do-maru, Immortal Kusari Gloves, and Immortal Kusari Boots.

Get these Attire Sets through the in-game store from December 6th at 15:00 CET (6am PST) until December 9th at 15:00 CET (6am PST).