Drill Mode enabled for NA server Territory Wars (December 3)


As a consequence of MY.GAMES service migration occurring during Territory Wars on the NA server, the event will be run in “Drill Mode” on Tuesday, December 3rd.

MY.GAMES is the new international gaming brand dedicated to developing, publishing, and supporting the games you love to play. We will be completing the transition from My.com to the MY.GAMES Store from 03:00 CET Dec 4 (6pm PST Dec. 3).

We first put Territory wars into temporary Drill Mode back in June. It’s basically a training mode - all the fun of a full Territory War with none of the consequences. You can check out the battle and reward adjustments that will apply during Drill Mode in this article

Please note: Any current declarations of war will be cancelled and Prestige refunded. Subsequent war declarations, in preparation for Saturday's Territory Wars, will be applied as usual.