The Sea Raiders have retreated from White Elk Fort and are poised to re-enter Fuecheng in the third and final special quest battle. You and your allies are as outnumbered as ever, soon to face the enemy’s most battle-hardened troops, but all is not yet lost: Reinforcements are on their way, and the city’s engineers are on hand to issue siege weapons to those that prove their worth!


Two weeks ago The Sea Raiders attacked the city of Fuecheng and almost succeeded in burning it to the ground before its forces beat a dawn retreat. Subsequently joining up with rebel units to assault White Elk Fort, many had assumed the follow-up attack on the fortress city to be the real target for the Raiders’ ambitions. However, it seems that local leaders have been outmanoeuvred once again as the Sea Raiders have returned to terrorise the streets of Fuecheng, this time with all their troops in play.


While the city smoulders from the first attack, rearguard troops and equipment are this time close at hand (more due to luck than forethought). If the defenders can hold out until the proverbial cavalry arrives, the Sea Raiders and their allies will finally be driven back.

Once again you find yourself guarding the eastern entrance into the city; once more tasked with protecting the garrison and its commanders. Raiders and rebels have renewed their attacks from the main gates and from the south. However, with the city’s engineers able to reward your efforts with heavy arms and reinforcements inbound, the defenders might not have to hold out for long.


The first attack will come from the direction of the bridge, with a handful of enemy units eager to engage your NPC ally, Commander Wang. You should move forward to protect him, as more enemy units will approach from the narrow walkways to the east side of the crossing. Beware: Towards the end of the first wave, heavily-shielded units with supporting archers will attack from the south and, if ignored, will endanger Commander Zhen and your archers.   


Enemy troops will again attack from the west, tempting you to engage them before they reach the bridge to give some advantage to more troops that will attack from the north. Try not to be drawn out from any advantageous defensive line as the enemy will be assaulting your position in significant numbers. At the end of the wave you will have to advance to assist some stricken villagers, but you won’t have to worry about any surprise attacks.



Hopefully, by this point, you will have earned enough Siege Tokens to be able to assemble a line of artillery along the east wall  - which you should fall back to - to help against an attack that will otherwise come from all directions. Enemy archers will also appear from the tops of one or two buildings, against which some heavy weapons will prove useful. When you eventually get the upper hand and before you’ve eliminated the last of the enemy wave, resupply your defensive line - ideally with pikes and spears.


The penultimate enemy attack consists of cavalry charges, supported by waves of troops. The attack is fairly relentless and, should your defensive line fail, you can be sure that the garrison commanders, Wang and Zhen, will be swarmed by enemy troops. You can afford to lose one of them, but if they both fall the city will be lost. Don’t be afraid to prioritise your defence around Commander Zhen, who seems less prone to making reckless advances.


Leading the final enemy charge are the Sea Raiders’ finest infantry units, as well as the remainder of its boss warlords. Thankfully, breaking through the east gate in the nick of time will come thundering a number of NPC reinforcements, which should give you the opportunity to take stock of the situation By this point in the battle, unless Commander Zhen is in dire health, the battle should be won and you will have defeated the Sea Raiders for the final time. The citizens of Fuecheng will forever be in your debt… until the next time.