Cross-server matchmaking is enabled!


When it comes to matchmaking, the more players waiting for a battle, the fairer that battle will be as there’s less chance for high-level players to be ranged against newcomers. It’s for this reason that we’re very excited to announce the activation of cross-server matchmaking for Conqueror’s Blade.

Effectively what this means is that you could find yourself fighting against or alongside players from any of the four current Conqueror’s Blade servers (EU West 1, EU West 2, NA and EU East). This will ensure reduced waiting as well as fairer battles, which should translate into more fun and less frustration.

Of course, there is a caveat - that pairing up players from one side of the world to fight those on the other could be adversely affected by increased server latency, but as we all know lag is just as discriminating against where you are in your own country as against any other.

Needless to say, we’ll be watching things very, very closely, to ensure that cross-server matchmaking works as intended. In addition, we stand ready to receive any and all feedback you might care to provide so that all players enjoy battles that are numerous, equitable and entertaining. Should we need to make any adjustments to the system in the days and weeks ahead, we will let you know first and foremost via our Discord channel.

(Note: Cross-server matchmaking is only to be applied to Siege, Field, PvE and other one-off battles - not for open-world engagements or weekly events such as Territory Wars.)