As the dust settles from a devastating siege battle, a mysterious cache of Sovereigns has been discovered! With warlords from across the land seeking to lay claim to this glorious treasure, it only seems right that everyone has an equal shot at the prize...

Simply purchase Sovereigns during the Pool of Sovereigns event to enjoy an additional 25% bonus! The bonus Sovereigns come from a pool of 1,000,000 Sovereigns, and the offer is only available until the counter runs down to zero. Once the pool runs dry, the sale is over!

Event Details

  • Top-up your Sovereigns via the link below, and receive an additional 25% Sovereigns on top of your initial purchase.
  • Bonus Sovereigns will be taken from a special pool containing 1,000,000 Sovereigns, represented by a counter on the top-up page.
  • Once the counter reaches 0, the event will end.
  • If the Sovereign pool is not fully depleted by November 30th at 21:59 CET, the event will end.

Sovereigns can be used to purchase hero and unit attire (cosmetic skins which have no impact on gameplay), and to invest in additional consumables or convenience items via the in-game Store.

If you’re looking to fill up your Sovereign reserves, don’t miss out on this exclusive, limited-time offer!