We have just bid farewell to the inaugural Season of Conqueror’s Blade, a period during which was introduced the Battle Pass, Glory, Nobility tiers and a whole bunch of cool rewards you could earn by completing Seasonal Challenges. Given that it was the first season, one that required some adjustments along the way, and seeing as many of you have rewards that are still unclaimed, we’ve decided to allow you to finish what you’ve started.

So, starting today and for the next TWO WEEKS, you’ll be able to complete Seasonal Challenges, claim their rewards and spent any unallocated Conquest Tokens you may have. To be clear, Season 1 is over - no further advancement is possible outside of your unfulfilled Challenges. From Tuesday 3rd December all incomplete Challenges will be closed, unused Conquest Tokens removed and Nobility reset. We can then look forward to the next evolution of the Battle Pass system with Season 2!