As previously announced, the Rattan Resistance update is due to be released on Tuesday 19th November. You can prepare for what's new and improved by checking out the full patch notes below.  


The Rattan Army Units have been added to the Unit Interface. 

Activated the 3-Week long PVE Event, which is accessible via the in-game “J” interface. We’ll have an article on this exciting event very soon.


  • Glory can no longer be earnt from matchmaking battles or weekly chests.
  • Scroll of Rare Glory is no longer available for purchase.
  • Season 1 Challenges can still be completed.
  • Conquest Tokens can still be used to claim rewards at the Seasonal Store.
  • There is a known issue where some Seasons-related messaging has been retained - this is a display issue and can be disregarded. 


Important Fix:

We have received a lot of feedback regarding cavalries bracing and charging, where the damage would continue to be taken by other units when walking through that area. We have resolved this issue with this update.

Personal Storage Expansion:

Warlords can now purchase an item for 200,000 Silver Coins from the Smuggler to expand their Personal Storage by 8 slots. This item is also available for 1,500 Sovereigns. For those of you who were with our Pre-Season update, we will be issuing you all 2 Personal Storage Expansions for free. We will update you on our Discord once sending has been completed.

Territory War Rules:

In the patch we deployed on 29/10/2019, we made some changes to the commander system in Territory Wars. Since then, we have players taking advantage of the adjustment we made to conduct passive battles, maliciously kick other players out of the battlefield, and block battle lines. We’ve made the following adjustments to counter this:

  • Warlords who have only engaged in the battlefield for 1 minute or less cannot be kicked. (Previously 2 minutes)
  • Warlords who have participated in the battle and are in the top one-third of player rankings cannot be kicked. (previously two-thirds)

Level Balance Adjustment: Hidden City Siege Battle:

The ratio of wins compared to losses on this map is higher than we anticipated, after receiving feedback, we have decided to make the following changes:

  • Added a new supply point near the defender’s base camp.
  • Added a new path behind the defender’s base flag, making it easier for Warlords to retreat and defend the base camp.

Weekly Quest Reward Adjustment:

We received feedback from Warlords regarding the random drop rate of Treatise in the Fine Campaign reward, and how it affected their experience negatively. Now, we have made it so Warlords can get Treatise from the following weekly chests with specific drop rates.

  • We have removed Treatise as a drop from the Fine Campaign reward.
  • Added 100% chance to get Treatise from the following:
  • Page’s Gift: 1 Treatise guaranteed.
  • Squire’s Gift: 2 Treatise guaranteed.
  • Knight’s Gift: 2 Treatise guaranteed.
  • Marshal’s Gift: 2 Treatise guaranteed.

New Player Tutorial:

  • Updated the tutorial from when Warlords enters the main city by simplifying some side quests and making it quicker for newbies to upgrade.
  • In the “Valen’s Last Stand” level, we have reduced the difficulty by adding few trebuchets to help Warlords win the battle.
  • In the “The Battle on the Plain” level, we have swapped out the Eastern Spearmen with Pikemen units.
  • In the “Battle at the Storehouse” level, we have added some tips for Artillery and Powder Kegs. We have also added a warning alarm when the Trebuchet is approaching. This level is also able to be skipped.


  • PVE Stats will no longer count into Hero Ranking and Career Stats.
  • Adjusted the icon size of materials and resources in the Crafting interface.
  • Updated the button style for attribute information in the Character interface.
  • Adjusted the weekly limitation of the Archaeologist’s Pack from 2 to 5 in the Sovereign store.



Shortsword & Shield:

We’ve made the following adjustments to the Thunderstruck skill:

  • Warlords can press T again to jump and smash to the ground while sprinting.
  • Warlords can adjust the camera to choose their jump location, before jumping.
  • Added a defence buff and slightly decreased the move speed upon the moment of using the skill.
  • Increased the movement distance.

Longsword & Shield:

After previous adjustments, we have found that the second hit with Shield Bash is unable to attack enemies accurately, to resolve this issue we have made the following change.

  • Removed the “Repelled” effect for the first hit with Shield Bash.


We’ve listened to feedback regarding our previous adjustment to the bow, mainly regarding the issue with the Lightning Bolt skill where it couldn’t kill enemy heroes when surrounded and protected by multiple soldiers.

  • Lightning Bolt Ⅰ: can shoot through 5 enemies, damage will be reduced by 20% per enemy.
  • Lightning Bolt Ⅱ: can shoot through 5 enemies, damage will be reduced by 15% per enemy.
  • Lightning Bolt Ⅲ: can shoot through 5 enemies, damage will be reduced by 10% per enemy.


The long duration of slowing down enemies and the wide range of attack, the Deploy Caltrops would easily restrain the charge of cavalry and some infantries. Due to this, we have made the following adjustments.

  • Decreased the attacking radius from 3.5m to 3m for level Ⅰand level Ⅱ, from 4m to 3.5m for level Ⅲ
  • Deploy Caltrops Ⅰ: decreased skill duration from 8s to 5s
  • Deploy Caltrops Ⅱ: decreased skill duration from 8s to 6s, increased the bleeding damage from 100 points/s to 130 points/s
  • Deploy Caltrops Ⅲ: decreased skill duration from 8s to 7s, increased the bleeding damage from 100 points/s to 140 points/s


Tercio Arquebusiers:

We have made the following optimizations to unstable reloading time and aiming time:

  • Optimized the weapon structure, greatly increased the reloading speed and aiming speed
  • Fixed the bug that sometimes Tercio Arquebusiers could repeatedly switch between ranged and melee weapons.

Prefecture Pikemen:

  • Increased the charge distance by 10m.
  • Extra piercing armour penetration for charging will be increased by 15%.

Ironcap Spearmen:

  • Decreased leadership from 190 to 175, increased the unit size from 32 to 36.

Palace Guards:

We’ve taken a look at the defense ability of this unit and have decided that it needs enhancing, due to this we have made the following changes:

  • Added a new trait “Staunch Defenders”: reduces damage taken from pikemen, shortsword & shield infantry, archers and crossbow infantry by 12%.

Imperial Archers:

  • Veterancy point “Garrison”: “each level increases accuracy during siege battles by 5%” was adjusted to “increases the shooting speed of Bodkin Arrows by 5%”
  • Veterancy point “Kit Repair”: “reduces resupply cost by 5%” was adjusted to “increases damage to cavalry by 10%”
  • Veterancy point “Sharp Shot”: “increases the shooting accuracy by 5%” was adjusted to “increases the shooting speed of Bodkin Arrows by 5%”

Vanguard Archers:

  • Veterancy point “Open Ground”: “increases damage during field battles by 100 points” was adjusted to “during ‘move and fire’, the move speed will be increased by 10% each shoot ”
  • Veterancy point “Move as One”: “increases move speed by 5%” was adjusted to “during ‘move and fire’, slowing the targets by 15% for 6s.”


  • Fixed the unbalanced player amount in matched battles.
  • Fixed the incorrect icon of the base flag and supply points in some villages, including Ziya, Futao and New Sintar.
  • Fixed a bug where the guidance marker was sometimes blocked by buildings in PVE levels.
  • Fixed a bug where Blood Oath (Nodachi Skill) did not correctly give effects for slash damage and blunt damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Warlords couldn’t move nearby the city wall in Hovd.
  • Fixed a bug where the personal camp would retreat automatically by the system and cooldown for camp migration didn;’t take effect correctly.
  • Fixed the repeated notification issue in the mail system.
  • Fixed the issue where interfaces overlapped when opening the Season interface while collecting resources.
  • Fixed the horn sound effect while city walls are being broken.
  • Fixed a bug where the damage buff of some veternancy points did not take effect correctly in field and siege battles.
  • Fixed the incorrect attack speed of Ironcap Bowriders while Warlords are spamming “follow” orders.
  • Unified the model of Demesne Archers in the Unit Tree interface and battlefield.
  • Optimised the settings of some Hwacha Arrow Launcher’s in the city wall area of Wall Fort so they could no longer be blocked by buildings.
  • In PVE levels, we have updated the style and colour of the health bar and icons on top of AI allies making it easier for Warlords to distinguish between allied Warlords and allied AIs.
  • Fixed some bugs with the movement of the Imperial Pike Guards, the unit can now move more fluently after formation is completed.