30% XP bonus weekend: 15-18 November


We are having a bonus weekend - starting Friday 15th November at 18:00 CET (9am PST) and ending at 13:00 CET (4am PST) on Monday 18th November - during which you can benefit from a 30% boost to Hero and Unit XP from all matchmaking battles.  

What are we celebrating this time? Not that we need an excuse, but it just so happens to be a year since the end of our first pre-alpha Siege Test, when the game was first made playable to pre-order customers. If you want to recreate those nervous first encounters, simply limit your activities to sieging the ancient city of Augolia over and over again. 

Don’t forget that this weekend you can also benefit from a 50% boost to Glory, as well as the permanent removal of Scroll of Rare Glory purchase limits - all as part of the thrilling conclusion to Season 1, which also ends on Monday.