The Overlord Attire Set is back in the store! For 72 hours only, you can equip your warlord with this formidable armor set for the discounted price of just 2,550 Sovereigns – that’s 15% off its usual value of 3,000 Sovereigns.

Only the mightiest warriors are worthy of this nigh-impenetrable armor, said to have once belonged to one of the greatest knights in the land. The Overlord Attire Set includes the Overlord Greathelm, Overlord Coat of Plate, Overlord Gauntlets, and Overlord Boots.

The Overlord Attire Set will be available through the in-game store from November 22nd at 15:00 CET until November 25th at 15:00 CET.

Note: As good as they all look - and they all look absolutely fabulous - be aware that all hero, horse and unit attires are purely cosmetic items. Don’t expect to put them on and be able to hit harder or run faster. You will, however, cut an imposing figure on the battlefield!