If you haven't already heard, the testing season for Conqueror's Blade is finally underway. This doesn't just mean that our cherished pre-order customers can, at last, try out the game, but almost everyone with a passing interest will be able to experience it through numerous casts, videos, posts  and articles as we progress from Siege Testing to the CBT phase and beyond.

To help us promote your content creation efforts across the wider Conqueror's Blade community, if you are among those that are hoping to broadcast the game, host a show or write a blog during the course of any of the test phases (regardless of whether or not you've pre-ordered the game yourself), we'd like you to register your interest with us. All you have to do provide a few details about your activity, audience and schedule and we’ll be in touch to discuss how best we can get you up and running with Conqueror's Blade.