Daily and Weekly quests matter, especially if you want to maximise your experience and reward income, but it’s not always possible to finish them on time. To address this we’ve introduced a feature that allows you to use currency - either Bronze or Sovereigns - as a way to keep your advancement and contributions through questing on track.

The feature is called Fulfill Missed Quests and it can be accessed via the login panel (press ‘O’). There, under the familiar ‘Daily Sign In’ option, you’ll notice two new selection tabs: Fulfill Daily Quests, which lists the previous day’s Daily Tasks that can no longer be completed, and Fulfill Weekly Quests, which does the same for any of last week’s Weekly Quests you failed to complete.

You can complete each quest individually or by using the ‘one-click’ option; choosing to either spend Bronze or Sovereigns. The currency you select will determine the level of reward:

  • Fulfill with Bronze Coins: 60% XP, 60% Honour, 0% Bronze, no item rewards.

  • Fulfill with Sovereigns: 100% XP, 100% Honour, 100% Bronze and all item rewards.

Once you have completed the fulfillment process, the quest will be flagged as complete and the rewards issued to your character, allowing you to focus on the quests you have time for!