Save a Community Manager’s Soul - The Results


Last week, during the spooky festivities, our Community Team began a terrifying transformation, putting their very souls on the line! The challenge was to hunt them down and take them on in open-world combat in a bid to save their souls Those that did (everyone that took part in a battle where one of the team perished) was entered into a raffle for a chance to win one of our limited edition Halloween skins.

Today, we’re pleased to announce the names of the 30 lucky Warlords from across the EU West and NA servers that have been selected as winners:

EU West 1 EU West 2 NA
AlbertTheHun xseful Arandir
Celam ExileCz Yuxster
Piromanijak Mifena Hectarok
Rizeron Agni LaGerTha
Luzeterna Eulekun Lolipop
xaphn Wulfgrimm FireskulltheFair
Rolls   Fatmandancing
VictorLin   Grundomnia
xArgeastx   LordQuide
Hatoo_The_Pigeon   Articclaw

Congratulations to all those who were lucky enough to win. We ask that you now to reach out to one of our Community Managers on Discord to let them know if you want the hero or unit Halloween skin!