Drawing from numerous Dark Age cultures, Halloween is perhaps the most medieval of festivities. It is when the restless dead are said to walk among the living, hence the tradition to adopt a disguise to avoid any ghostly harassment. 

As part of the Halloween Update, you can now do the same, as we’ve made available three new themed attires - one each for warlords, units and mounts - to help you and your troops avoid any ectoplasmic entanglements. All three are currently available from the in-game store - but for a limited time only. On 18th November the Plague Doctor's Attire set, Plague Doctor's Mount Attire and Revenant Armour Unit Attire will be withdrawn from sale.

As with all in-game attires and attire sets, the Halloween skins are purely cosmetic. They do not bestow any benefits when equipped or applied. However, regardless of your chosen attire, we can confirm that you will not be approached by in-game spirits, ghouls or other supernatural beings during the ongoing spooky season.