In order to ensure parity between seasons, we have decided to extend Season 1 to include our Halloween celebrations. Specifically, this is so we can assess a number of changes that will be applied as part of an update that’s being prepared.

Between the update and the added time, Season 1 challenges should be easier to complete and their rewards more attainable, especially with seasonal experience being paid out as part of the ongoing planned Halloween event. We will, of course, be issuing new challenges to cover the two-week extension, with Season 1 set to end on November 18th. 

For those of you who are still hanging onto your Conquest Tokens, be aware that at the end of the Season the Seasonal Store will no longer be active and the Conquest Tokens will expire from your inventory.

Patch Notes


The Season has been extended an additional 2 weeks to allow more time for Warlords to complete their seasonal challenges and obtain more seasonal rewards. The Season will now end on November 18th.

Seasonal Challenges:

  • We have added an additional 2 weeks of Seasonal Challenges (Week 6 and Week 7) which include challenges that require you to explore the open world, and equipment crafting.

  • We have introduced a Weekly Challenge refresh feature. Now Warlords can choose a weekly challenge and click “Refresh” to receive a new random challenge. Relevant rewards will remain unchanged and you will only receive 2 Refreshes per week.


Previously, the Halloween event, “The Vengeful Dead” would only drop rewards 2 times per day, we have added Bronze and Experience to additional playthroughs of the Halloween event.


The Archeologist Pack has been added back to the in-game store with a limit of 2 purchases per week.