Trick or Treat? Score Spooktacular Rewards This Halloween!


An unknown power has bled through a rift from another world and into this one. Two mysterious doors lie before you, warlords, and a choice to be made. In accordance with the ancient traditions of Samhain, will the door you choose lead to a ghoulish trick, or a tasty treat?

In celebration of Halloween, for a limited time you can choose a door from our Trick or Treat page to grab a spooky freebie for your Conqueror’s Blade account! The doors hold an otherworldly power that must be recharged: you can click on one of the doors once every day (Resets 2am CEST/ 1am CET) to claim special in-game rewards, including the Dark Reaper and Desert Master Collector’s Packs, Premium Account time, plus Bronze, Silver, and XP! 


Grab your treats from October 22, 2019 until November 5, 2019 at 22:00 CET, at which time the doors will vanish from our realm. Don’t miss out!

The Halloween festivities are only just beginning in Conqueror’s Blade! We’ll have even more ghastly surprises to announce soon, so keep a watchful eye out for more news...