A 60-team tournament starring hundreds of players across a dozen timezones was always going to be a challenge, and so it proved to be for the first stage of the Warlord League. Intense battles were fought over the bloody banks of Stalemate Creek all weekend, but alas the war was not concluded as we’d planned. Hence why Stage 1 will be continuing today from 19:00 CEST (10am PDT), after which we should know which teams will be progressing to Stage 2.

As it stands right now, there are three semi-final teams poised to reach the winner’s bracket final - SUNTZU, WereRabbits and Injustice_III. The fourth semi-finalist will be one of FalcataKS or FluffyBunnies. Meanwhile, in the bracket below, there are five rounds still to be completed before we know which team will be seeking redemption. There is much drama still to come, no doubt, which you can witness for yourself by tuning into the following streams:







In our efforts to get back on schedule, Warlord League Stage 2 will be staggered across four consecutive sessions. We’ll have the tournament page and a final list of streams ready for you before Stage 2 begins. In the meantime, you can keep fully up to date regarding any last-minute schedule changes by keeping open our Discord channel.

  • Thursday (Oct 10): 19:00 CEST (10am PDT)
  • Friday (Oct 11): 19:00 CEST (10am PDT)
  • Saturday (Oct 12): 15:00 CEST (6am PDT)
  • Sunday (Oct 13): 19:00 CEST (10am PDT)