New boosts to help your heroes rise up!


As a warlord in Conquer’s Blade it pays to have reached level 60. That’s when you have just the right amount of stuff to be versatile and a specialist, and the point at which your skills as a gamer start to matter more than all you have unlocked so far. It also marks the time when you start to seriously focus on your units, because an absurdly high-level warlord with only low-level troops is only a prince of paupers.

So, we want to help you cross the threshold of level 60 that little bit quicker. To do that we’re boosting Warlord XP, Unit XP, Honour and Bronze Coin gain by 50% in matched battles. Not only that but we’re also temporarily lifting the Honour Point cap to 30,000. This boost will start at 12:00 CEST on October 15th.

There is a catch: The boost will only apply to warlords below level 60. However, if your favourite warlord has already passed that milestone, the good news is that you now have an excuse to level up one of your more junior warlords - or create a new one and try out a fresh set of skills and abilities.

The bonus boost period is active right now and will end on October 28th, 2019, or until your currently selected warlord hits level 60 (at which point you may like to select another). Hopefully, soon, the proverbial playing field will be a little more even and you can start unlocking your full potential as both a warrior and a leader.