How the Battle Pass works


The Battle Pass system is a new feature of the Conqueror’s Blade Season 1 update, by which you can increase the rewards you earn by progressing through a sequence of Tiers during the course of the Season. It is predicated on a new time-limited levelling system where you earn Glory points by joining battles and completing weekly Seasonal challenges. The more Glory points you amass, the higher your Nobility Tier and the more rewards you earn during a Season.

You can track your Seasonal progress via a new interface that becomes accessible when you reach level 10 and can be opened by pressing F5. It is represented on screen as a golden trophy icon to the left of the main toolbar.

There are four panels that comprise the Seasons interface:

  • An Overview that displays your Nobility Tier and current Conquest Token total.
  • The Rewards page that details the Free and Battle Pass benefits of each Tier (and also the screen via which you can buy a Battle Pass).
  • A panel that details the current week’s Challenges, the successful completion of which earns you Glory. If you complete a certain amount of challenges each week, you get additional rewards via the Challenge interface!
  • The Season Store, which is where you get to spend the Conquest Tokens awarded to you as part of Seasons gameplay.

Conquest Tokens (CTs) are specific to Seasons and form a large part of the potential awards that come from attaining a new Tier. Everyone is entitled to the Free rewards associated with specific Tiers, but if you have a Battle Pass (available for 1000 Sovereigns via the Rewards tab) you will be eligible to receive extra items and Conquest Tokens as you climb each new Tier. 

For example;

  • There are no Free rewards at Tier 1 of Season 1, whereas those with a Battle Pass will receive ‘Grace of the Gods’ (permanent 50% boost to Glory for the Season 1 Battle Pass duration) and the ‘Stygian Order Attire Set’.
  • At Nobility Tier 2 all players will receive a ‘Payroll Chest of Bronze’, with Battle Pass owners also benefiting from 40 Conquest Tokens.
  • Note: As you will retrospectively receive all the rewards up to and including those of your current Tier, you won’t lose out by waiting until later in the season before picking up a Battle Pass. 

It is possible to attain a Nobility Tier of 200 during the course of a Season, which will amount to dozens of items and potentially thousands of Conquest Tokens being acquired. As mentioned, those Tokens can be redeemed via the Seasonal Store, which features exclusive attires (for Warlords, mounts, units and weapons), schematics, War Scholar consumables (Battle Relic, Treatise), as well as items more commonly associated with the main in-game Store (XP cards and Premium Account time). As a guide, Seasonal Store prices range from 10 Conquest Tokens (for a 10-Battle Unit XP Card) to 3,000 Conquest Tokens (for the stunning Turul Set). 

Please be aware that as a feature of Seasons gameplay, Glory points, Nobility Tiers and their stated Rewards are all reset prior to the start of a new season. Of course, you get to keep all the items you’ve been awarded through having a Battle Pass, however, the benefits of having a Battle Pass do not carry over into a new season. Battle Passes bought during a season expire when it ends.