Yes, the moment many have been waiting for - the opportunity to play Conqueror’s Blade for the very first time - will soon be upon us! This Friday we’ll be locking the doors early to ensure every member of the community, support and tech teams are on hand for what is going to be a relentless couple of days of intense combat. As you rush into the game to fight one another, we’ll be battling to ensure the weekend is as smooth and as enjoyable for everyone as possible.


So, what’s going to be in this so-called “Siege Test”? Good question! The long answer is that it will be the first in a series of separate test phases (to be followed by closed beta testing) that will run during October and November. The idea is that we stress elements of the game in isolation before bringing everything together in time for the Open Beta Test, and the eventual Launch. For this initial phase, primarily designed to test technical aspects such as authentication and client / server stability, the clue is in the name - siege gameplay - with the soon-to-be-iconic Siege of Augolia map to try out. All the current classes, weapons, abilities units and siege weapons will be available, so you can get used to the combat mechanics and tactical features before we begin a second Siege Test (dates TBD), which will feature new maps.

If you played Conqueror’s Blade at gamescom and received an access code, or acquired one via social media activity, you’ll be eligible to log into the first Siege Test this weekend. For newcomers who’ve pre-ordered the game, you will have access to ALL testing stages. We’re especially keen to hear what everyone thinks, as being fans of medieval combat and warfare, we’re appealing directly to you and your friends in other like-minded games to help support us in what we’re trying to achieve. We hope you won’t be shy in letting us know your thoughts throughout these testing phases.

To prepare for the Siege Test, you need to have the Game Center launcher installed and updated. Once you have purchased a pre-order pack or redeemed a CBT access code, you will see Conqueror's Blade in the Game Directory of the My.Com Game Center. Once you have downloaded and installed the game, you can find it under My Games.

Be aware that all characters will be wiped after the second Siege Test ends, so don’t get too attached to your in-game alter egos.

If you’re keen to experience Conqueror’s Blade with the first wave of combatants, picking up one of the pre-order packs will guarantee you access to the planned Siege Tests and all subsequent test phases (including CBT), and will even grant you an early start prior to the game’s launch. As well as early access, each pack has a range of in-game perks and there are some stunning limited edition armour sets that will ensure you and your troops look great once testing is over. If you don’t fancy pre-ordering just yet, you may want to keep an eye on our social channels, as there are sure to be a couple of codes up for grabs over the next few days and the following weeks. We will also be raffling a few access passes to all those who have signed up on the website, stay tuned to your inbox and subscribe to our newsletter to get further information.

If you haven’t already joined the ranks of our Discord channel, now is probably a good time to get involved, as it will be where the community team will be hanging out during the weekend; answering questions, linking to streams and organising structured in-game events to ensure we have as many players as possible experiencing Conqueror’s Blade to its incomplete fullest.

For in depth details on this first test phase, please check out our Siege Test FAQ here.