We have exciting news, Warlords! The Season 1 update of Conqueror’s Blade is being deployed at 08:00 CEST (11PM PDT, September 29th) on Monday, September 30, the servers will be taken down for a planned period of 5 hours while new features, extra content and a whole raft of tweaks and changes are applied.

Season 1: Seize the Crown is the culmination of many months of development and comes hot on the heels of September’s Pre-Season Patch, which laid much of the groundwork for new features like Glory and Nobility, as well as the huge rewards that come with attaining new levels of excellence in the field of battle.

Over the coming days, we’ll be bringing you insights and guides to Season 1’s new features (starting with the new Battle Pass system). While you patiently wait for those and for the update to be available, check out the extensive patch notes laid out below*.

(*English only - other languages will be added soon)

Season 1 Patch Notes


  • Deployed Season 1 Interfaces, players can access Season 1 by heading to the top of their navigational bar.

  • Season 1 Battle Pass

  • Nobility and Glory System

  • Seasonal Weekly Challenges

  • Seasonal Store

  • New Cosmetics and Consumables.


Dual Blades 

  • Added a stealth effect when dismount ability used for 3 seconds.

Shortsword & Shield

  • Attacks against other warlords no longer cause stagger effects and the effect is reduced against enemy units.

  • Increased the cooldown to 24, 22 and 20 seconds for Shielded Charge I, II and III 

  • Increased the cooldown from 20s to 30s for Ironsides Ⅰ

  • Increased the cooldown from 20s to 27s for Ironsides Ⅱ

  • Increased the cooldown from 20s to 24s for Ironsides Ⅲ

  • Decreased the cooldown from 20s to 18s for Procris’s Gift Ⅱ

  • Decreased the cooldown from 20s to 16s for Procris’s Gift Ⅲ

  • 4 item bonus effect now has 120 armor points preventing penetration, slashing and stabbing


  • Gungnir's Greeting:

    • Increased the basic damage bonus from 122 to 153 for the second stage of level Ⅱ & Ⅲ.

    • Increased the extra damage bonus from 1490 to 1863 for the second stage of Gungnir's Greeting Ⅱ.

    • Increased the extra damage bonus from 1802 to 2253 for the second stage of Gungnir's Greeting Ⅲ.

  • Hurricane's Edge:

    • Increased the basic damage bonus from 183 to 214 for the first stage of all levels.

    • Increased the extra damage bonus from 1627 to 1898 for the first stage of Hurricane's Edge Ⅰ.

    • Increased the extra damage bonus from 2001 to 2335 for the first stage of Hurricane's Edge Ⅱ.

    • Increased the extra damage bonus from 2392 to 2790 for the first stage of Hurricane's Edge Ⅲ.

    • Increased the basic damage bonus from 81 to 102 for the second stage of Hurricane's Edge Ⅱ & Ⅲ.

    • Increased the extra damage bonus from 2001 to 2335 for the second stage of Hurricane's Edge Ⅱ.

    • Increased the extra damage bonus from 2392 to 2790 for the second stage of Hurricane's Edge Ⅲ.

    • Decreased the cooldown from 24s to 22s for Hurricane’s Edge Ⅱ

    • Decreased the cooldown from 24s to 20s for Hurricane’s Edge Ⅲ


  • Maximum shot range from left-clicking reduced from 25m to 16m in an effort to compensate for damage from stun effects.


  • Increased damage from 10% to 30% for targets at 80 meters away when left-clicking and using Ignite.


  • Concussion duration extended from 1s to 1.5s for Warlord's Greeting

  • Increased the mastery point income from killing enemies in battle.


  • Increased the mastery point income from killing enemies in battle.


  • Increased the mastery point income from killing enemies in battle.

Short Bow:

  • Angry Hornets Ⅱ (Short Bow): Increased the piercing damage from 103 to 143 for each attack.

  • Angry Hornets Ⅲ (Short Bow):Increased the piercing damage from 118 to 188 for each attack.


Barricade skill now has a shorter cooldown of 3s.

Imperial Javelineers:

  • Decreased the leadership from 265 to 240 for .

Javelin Sergeants:

  • Decreased Leadership costs from 250 to 230 and increased the armor penetration by 20%

Iron Reapers:

  • Increased all defense by 200

  • Iron Reapers sword attacks now possess a stun effect, attacking with fails can now break defenses.

  • Iron Reapers cannot be stunned by a normal attack.


  • Greatly increased accuracy when Demesne Arquebusiers conduct free attack.

  • Greatly increased accuracy of Imperial Arquebusier volley; adjusting the lasting time of volley fire from 40s to 30s.

  • Slightly decreased the accuracy of Ironcap Arquebusiers and Kriegsrat Fusiliers.

Javelin Infantry:

  • Javelin Infantry can only use directional throw skill when enemies are inside their attack range.

Imperial Archers:

Many Warlords have said that the shooting range and damage of Imperial Archers didn’t meet their expectations. We also noticed that the win rate and utilization rate of this unit were slightly below that of other Heroic Era units. The design concept of this unit was to utilize bodkin arrows to break the heavy armour while losing some shot speed and damage. But we found that it's damage has been greatly decreased after breaking heavy armour. Hence the following adjustments:

  • Increased shooting speed of Bodkin Arrows by 25%

  • Increased the damage of Bodkin Arrows by 12.5%


Siege Tower:

  • In order to prevent ranged classes from halting the siege tower too easily by killing the units who are pushing the tower (even killing one unit will stop the tower for a while), we have reduced the minimum number of unit soldiers needed to push the tower from 8 to 7.

Hwacha Arrow Launchers:

  • Increased the damage from 2400 to 3600 for all levels.

  • Greatly enhanced the accuracy for levelⅠand level Ⅱ.

  • Slightly enhanced the accuracy for level Ⅲ.

  • Slightly enhanced the shooting speed.

Grapeshot Cannons:

  • Increased the damage from 700 to 800 for level Ⅰ

  • Increased the damage from 840 to 1000 for level Ⅱ

  • Increased the damage from 1050 to 1200 for level Ⅲ


  • Decreased the reloading time by 2s for all levels.


  • Trebuchet Damage: if the radius is less than 3m, then damage will be 9000, less then 2m 8000, and 5000 in other conditions. 


Players can no longer use two doctrines of the same effect at the same time:

  • Epic Sword Doctrine of Sacrifice and Legendary Polearm Doctrine II can not be used with: Prefecture Pikemen, Halberdiers, Elite Halberdier Sergeants and Mercenaries.

  • Epic Mobility Doctrine and Sprint Doctrine can not be used with Sword Militia.

  • Epic Sword Doctrine of Life and Legendary Healing Doctrine can not be used with Black Dragon Spearmen.

  • Epic Archery Doctrine V and Legendary Archery Doctrine II can not be used with Prefecture Archers.

  • Increased the block break effect towards Javelinist unit Epic from 100% to 200% caused by Javelin Doctrine Ⅲ.


Valley Fortress Siege:

  • Decreased battle duration from 10min to 9min.

  • Slightly adjusted the final capture point location to be closer by the right-hand supply point at the first stage of defenders.

  • Optimised the location and orientation of final respawn point of defenders and slightly moved the nearby supply point accordingly.

Regional layout in Helie, Yuanxin and Louge, etc.

  • Opened a gate on the left side of Commander’s House behind defender’s camp flag and added relevant internal access points to increase the defender’s path heading towards the final flag.

  • Added a small-scale training yard on the right side of the defender’s camp flag to allow Warlords more choice when defending or attacking the final flag.

  • Widened access alongside the wall of the Main gate.

Borderlands adjustments

  • The newly added resources are as follows:

    • Scavol: arable farm and copper mine

    • Canautla: quarry, horse ranch and arable farm

    • Alyan: arable farm and cotton field

    • Amboria: tannery

    • Terleg: copper mine and tannery

    • Verula: cotton field, iron mine, and logging camp

    • Ereluf: tannery

  • In the pre-season update, seven resources points were added for the Borderlands, but they didn’t correctly replenish after being exhausted. This problem has been fixed.


Auction House (Guidance Prices Adjustment)

  • Epic Artillery Component: from 2,000 silver to 8,000 silver.

  • Legendary Artillery Component: from 8,000 silver to 50,000 silver.


  • Optimized the frequency of unit sounds in some PvE levels;

  • Fixed the respawn point bug on the Westwood map. 

  • Fixed an issue on some maps which caused troops to run into city walls when stepping back.

  • Fixed the sound bug on the Frontier Camp supply point.

  • Fixed an open-world bug which made it impossible to clear a level after chasing rebels. 

  • Fixed a bug which didn’t correctly display buildings after a player had built them all.

  • Fixed an issue with the shielded charge which didn’t reach the target if the distance was too great.

  • Fixed a bug where Shortsword & Shield warlord couldn't knock the enemy into the air after roll backward and charge.

  • Fixed a bug with the Tercio Arquebusiers dealing too high damage in close quarters.

  • Fixed Kommean mounted archer shooting distance after upgrading from level 2 to level 3.

  • Fixed Unit Tree issue where the effect of riding a Fearless Horse should have been 5% instead of 10%.

  • Fixed Unit Tree issue where Battlefield Conditioning didn’t have the correct effect.

  • Fixed a bug where long-distance units sometimes couldn’t shoot enemies outside that were close to a wall.

  • Fixed the bug that influenced the functionality of long-distance displacement.

  • Fixed a bug which affected the dispersion of the Ignite skill.

  • Fixed a bug that didn’t allow the player to deal damage with the Dragon's Leap I when in too-close quarters.

  • Fixed the bug where “To the bone” training didn’t work correctly for Viper Bowmen.

  • Fixed the bug where Elite Imperial Javelineers could use the shield formation when they are level 1.

  • Rattan Swordsmen Mustering description changed - it actually adds 2 people per level.

  • Fixed a bug where the Halberdier Squad couldn’t correctly use Barricade.

  • Fixed the bug that didn’t let Shortsword & Shield attack normally after Barricade II skill.

  • Fixed the bug where small items like Powder Keg could cause bleeding, etc.

  • Fixed the bug where Cataphract Lancers’ “The Soldier's Life” and “Resilient” wasn't working correctly. 

  • Fixed a sound issue where new players in training would hear the wrong sound effects.

  • Changed the objectives in Desert City Defence Mission.

  • Reduced the difficulty of Practice Mode.

  • Fixed an issue where equipping some helmets would trigger abnormal sound effects.

  • Fixed issues where Doctrine descriptions didn’t match up with in-game effects:

    • Common Life Doctrine: Increased health by 200.

    • Uncommon Life Doctrine: Increased health by 250.

    • Epic Life Doctrine: Increased health by 300.

    • Epic Spear Doctrine Ⅲ: Increased all defense by 100.

  • Fixed a bug where the Halberdier Squad couldn’t auto-attack after Barricade.

  • Fixed the bug where Javelin Sergeants’ double shot had no cooldown.

  • Fixed an error with Demesne Arbalists “The Hundred Paces” skill description (+9% to the shooting distance).

  • Fixed an issue where Double-Wound String in the Unit Tree didn’t work correctly. 

  • Fixed issue where Volley Fire Practice in the Unit Tree worked correctly only for Imperial Arquebusiers.

  • Fixed a bug where quick reloading of Muskets did not sync correctly link up with normal attacks.

  • Fixed a bug where the first part of an attack by the Spear could easily be interrupted by a normal attack. 

  • Fixed a bug where enemy commanders had issues descending ladders.

  • Fixed issue where Dual Blades couldn’t break stealth after dismount.

  • Fixed a delay bug where troop death animations were delayed in certain situations.

  • Added 3D UI element for Warlords to observe when teammates and opponents set siege engines in motion: Blue for teammates and red for enemies.

  • Warlords now can check the damage value contribution of each player in the team stats interface.

  • Optimized the interface when Warlords leave the city, we have removed the pop-up hint which asks if you want to take or leave a unit.

  • Fixed a bug where Horse Seller can use Silver coins to buy an unbound mount.

  • Fixed a bug where pikemen couldn't brace correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where Imperial Arquebusier skill cooldown didn’t work correctly during training.

  • Fixed a bug where Repeater Crossbowmen veterancy points didn’t tally correctly.

  • Adjusted the description of fierce strikes for Palace Guards and strong strikes of Imperial Javelineers.

  • Fixed an issue where unit flags could obscure the view of the Warlords at close range.

  • Fixed a bug that rudimentary sights and alloyed bullets of Imperial Arquebusiers didn't come into effect.

  • Fixed a bug where The Middling Sort of Yeomen didn’t come into effect.

  • Fixed a bug where Rapid Shot Drill made A Rain of Arrows attack faster than it should've been.

  • Fixed a bug where some Warlord interface elements didn’t display correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where the Spear combat dismount didn't correctly stun the enemy.

  • Fixed a bug that the Stunning Shot (Short Bow) sometimes didn’t correctly stun the enemy.

  • Fixed a bug where some Nodachi buffs didn’t work correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where the Shield Charge of Shortsword & Shield sometimes didn’t stop after knocking down the enemy.

  • Fixed a bug where female Shortsword & Shield warlord sometimes couldn't conduct the second stage of Shield Charge.

  • Fixed a bug where Musket quick reloading of didn’t correctly link up with normal attack.

  • Fixed a bug where Longsword & Shield were occasionally locked in defense while fighting back.

  • Fixed the incorrect reminder when certain achievements had been partially completed.

  • Fixed incorrect icon for some resource piles.

  • Fixed incorrect dialogue of some NPCs.

  • Fixed the pathfinding in Augolia for the Watchman.

  • Fixed the Warlord level requirement in the match-making interface.

  • Fixed the military rank display during pursuit.

  • Fixed a bug when, after changing their units, new units couldn’t be seen by other alliance members in the TAB interface.

  • Warlords can now check badges achieved during battle in the group settlement interface.

  • Warlords can now report other players in the settlement interface by right-clicking on the character name and then the report button.

  • Added: resource collecting process can now be checked via the unit technology interface.

  • Fixed a bug where players capturing point C on Valley Fortress Siege could become stuck if falling under the ladder.

  • Fixed a bug where siege engines could automatically shoot.

  • Fixed a bug where siege engine didn’t disappear after breaking down city wall.

  • Fixed an issue with suboptimal pathfinding in the open world.

  • Fixed a texturing issue when entering some levels.

  • Optimized in-city effects while being attacked during the Territory Wars.

  • Optimized the resolution of hero interface and attire interface.

  • Fixed a bug where volley fire sometimes failed during the third sequence.

  • Fixed a bug where Pikemen would form up slowly.

  • Fixed a bug where Pikemen moved too slowly having walked into each other.

  • Fixed a display bug on some maps where a house flag would be shown instead of the correct unit flag.

  • Corrected the text of the Legendary Crossbow Doctrine.

  • Fixed a bug where Imperial Spear Guards can equip the Epic Spear Doctrine V and the Legendary Healing Doctrine.

  • Fixed a bug where when Warlords used several skills to change one attribute, the attribute could only be changed once.

  • Fixed a bug where the health of Spearmen was being restored automatically.

  • Fixed a bug where  Three-stage training decreased defence.

  • Fixed a bug where Heavy Arrow Training failed to have an effect

  • Fixed a bug where Corned gunpowder and Three-stage training unduly affected normal attacks.

  • Fixed a bug where the stun immune effect of Tough Nut didn’t activate.

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