House Profile: Rebels


Headquartered in Turul Varos on the NA server, Rebels isn’t the biggest house and its holdings are by no means extensive, but it has a simple outlook - to keep the larger houses in check by means of insurgency. Founder and leader MoistPBnJ explains the ethos:

How first attracted you to Conqueror’s Blade?

We heard about it through friends who played a similar medieval PVP game. We came to Conqueror's Blade because the guild vs. guild system was better.

Why did you decide to set up a house?

We've been a gaming community for a little while now so we wanted to have our own home in CB.

So what makes your house different?

We're a competitive group, but when you get to know us you realize we don't actually take ourselves that seriously and really just play to have fun.

What does the house hope to achieve - what will be its legacy?

Complete world domination leading to utter collapse - a never-ending rebellion

What’s your favourite class to play as?

Longsword for the frontline support and heals.

What activities does the house regularly enjoy?

We usually just like to queue and do our weeklies together, but Territory War is where we have the most fun.

Who are your most trusted warlords?

There are too many to list here. Many of us have played together for a while but it's really the people who have come in and helped the guild grow into something better.

If someone wanted to join Rebels or start a dialogue, what should they do?

Reach out to MoistPBnJ (Discord: MoistPBnJ#4683), Neeko (Neeko#4209), or Khyraz (PnkReaper#7851)

Are there other houses that you admire or that you consider to be natural allies?

LegionQc has been with us for a while and you couldn't ask for a better group. If you are francophone join them!

Conversely, are there any houses that you'd consider enemies?

Honestly, any large alliance. We just don't want Territory War to get stale.

Many thanks to MoistPBnJ for answering our questions. If you know of a house that is deserving of similar recognition that we should profile in the future article, please make your nomination via our Discord channel.