Weekly News Summary (September 20, 2019)


Last week’s announced player-run duelling tournament has been and gone and it turned out to be a great success - so much so that we can expect more to be announced. Check out our report of the competition here and get ready for something similar happening again soon.

This big news this week was that Mercenaries were deployed to Conqueror’s Blade. True to the sellsword credo, they are experienced units unlocked with Silver or Gold rather than Honour, and provide useful bonuses if picked to take part in a battle. You can read the announcement here

After focusing on Siege maps for a while, this week we felt it high time to offer up a guide to a field battle. With its distinctive central capture point, there are few as iconic as Stalemate Creek. Be sure to check out our scout’s report before you next dip your toe in its waters.

Over the last few months, we’ve built up quite a library of house profiles. This week the pages were added to with entries for WildBlood, a german-speaking house on the Europe West server and Arthdal, a group that does its conquering across North America. 

By the way, we are always eager to feature more houses on the site, so if you want to spread the word about your merry band of warlords, get in touch!

And with that, our work is done. Have a great weekend and we’ll catch up again before the next one comes around!