The Knightfall Battle Pass is now available to preorder in-game! Smash Seasonal Challenges to collect Glory and unlock Premium rewards throughout the new Season—plus a host of goodies from the Free Pass.

As Knightfall descends, a legion of Teutonic-inspired Attire is yours to unlock via the Battle Pass. Continue your crusade to draw more Blades, a currency you can exchange in the Seasonal Store for special items from eras of yore.


Players who preorder the Knightfall Battle Pass in-game before September 14 will kick off the new Season with special bonuses:

  • Victory Pass: Complete this exclusive Premium Pass to claim Treatises, Bronze, Scrolls of Mastery, and Silver. You can also unlock the Schutzdieners, a new 3-Star Unit of medical archers!
  • 1x Treatise
  • 2x Greater Scrolls of Glory
  • 10x Unit Medals
  • 50,000 Bronze Coins


You can earn rewards fit for a knight of the Order of the Sword without spending a penny with the Free Pass, or live up to your chivalry by unlocking the Premium Track with the Knightfall Battle Pass.

Here are a few of the highlights waiting for you in Knightfall:

  • Greycloak Zealot’s Hero Attire (Instant Premium Unlock): "Greycloaks (or 'Graumantleren') are the newest additions to the Order of the Sword. They are so named because they have not yet chosen allegiance between the black-cloaked "brothers of war" or the white-cloaked "brothers of the spirit", also known as clerics. One thing is for sure: the unwavering dedication these neophyte knights have to their new brotherhood.
  • Oathmaker Emote: Kneel and pledge yourself to the Order of the Sword.
  • Ritterbruder Unit Attire: Armour belonging to a particularly feared cavalry from the Order.
  • Order Grandmaster’s Mount Set: Barding for a mighty steed, adorned with the full regalia of the Order of the Sword.
  • Order Grandmaster Hero Attire (Tier 100): The ultimate armour for a knight who has ascended to the eminent rank of Grandmaster in the Order of the Sword.


Unlock Blades from the Battle Pass to exchange in the Seasonal Store for special cosmetic items, including Antique variants of classic Battle Pass Attire from the Colosseum and Helheim Seasons!

  • Antique Colosseum Attire: The sands of time have made treasures of these trophies from the Colosseum. Claim Antique variants of the Gladiator Champion Hero Attire, Equites Unit Attire, and Centurion Hero Attire!
  • Antique Helheim Attire: From the realm of the dead, these mighty armour sets inspired by Norse mythology return. Claim Antique variants of the Loptr's Hide Hero Attire, Einherjar Unit Attire, and Bringer of Thunder Hero Attire!

There’s even more to discover, so have a browse yourself when Knightfall descends.

Preorder the Knightfall Battle Pass now in-game to reap the benefits, and get ready to join the Order of the Sword on September 14!