Congratulations to Astrale, who has been crowned the winner of the EUW2 Duelling Tournament. Hosted this past weekend in the courtyard of Verschollen Kastell (courtesy of Death3691), viewers enjoyed more than two hours of ceaseless 1v1 combat as more than a hundred players fought 1v1 to become the last one standing. 

“It was really fun playing and watching those fights,” said a fully-recovered Astrale afterwards. “I feel lucky for coming on top in the tournament. It all comes to matchups with certain weapons and, of course, the best players couldn't all show up, but I still loved it, winning first place!”

A majority of the competitors had dressed up in their favourite longsword and shield combination, so it was perhaps surprising that the three podium places were occupied by other classes. In the play-off for third place, two musketeers exchanged gunpowder blasts, from which SkyRua emerged victorious. Soon afterwards however it was Astrale (Shortsword) that took the title, having fought off a valiant DodgeM (Dual Blades) in the grand final.

There are no details yet on when or where the next duelling tournament will be held, but Death3691 has said that one is already being planned. He also seems to have inspired others to think about hosting their own tournaments. If we hear any details on those or others, we’ll pass them on.