Control the points and achieve victory in the new PVP mode, Banner Conquest, available now via the Battle Interface (‘J’).

The stage is set on the Empyrean Village Map, where teams of six will battle it out for supremacy. 

Banner Conquest is divided into three stages. At the start of the match, there are three locked flag points and each stage will randomly open a flag point that can be contested. The first team to win two stages wins! 


  • Each stage has a time limit, and at the end of the time limit, the team with the highest progress wins the stage
  • If a progress bar reaches 100% before the time limit, that team wins the stage early
  • At the end of each stage, the Leadership of both teams will be restored (the winning team will return to 525 Leadership per player; the losing team will return to 600 Leadership per player)
  • In the case of retreating Units, Leadership will be returned in proportion to the remaining number of troops
  • Units, Artillery, and Weapons are provided by the mode


  • 17:00–20:00 & 23:00-02:00 CEST
  • 11:00–14:00 & 17:00-20:00 EDT


Playing Banner Conquest will grant you random rewards from the list below:

  • Lesser Scrolls of Glory (500 Glory)
  • Signet Rings (to exchange in the Returning Heroes Event)
  • Shield Tokens
  • Fame
  • Silver Coins
  • Random Schematics

Drops reset every Thursday at 00:00 Server Time.

Enter the fray before Banner Conquest ends on July 5!