Prepare for a solo adventure in Mastery Commander! Rout enemy invaders in this PVE mode where the rewards contribute to your Unit Mastery tally.

Play this new mode once per day when Conqueror’s Blade: Sengoku launches on June 1, and use the following rewards to upgrade your Units with Unit Mastery:

  • Uncommon Scroll of Mastery
  • Rare Scroll of Mastery

Basic Rules

  • Players are allowed to bring their own Units and equipment to the battle.
  • After killing a certain number of Units in the game, players will gain a random Unit as reinforcement. The more Units a player destroys, the stronger the Unit they will receive.
  • Players will have some assistance from an NPC Hero throughout the battle.
  • Long-range and Cavalry Units are unavailable in this mode.

Stage Rules 

  • When starting the game, players work with the NPC Hero to look for the right moment to secure the enemy's Supply Point and finish the first stage.
  • Players are allowed to heal up and swap their Units at the Supply Point.
  • In Stage 2, players can win by killing the enemy Hero.

Win/Loss Conditions

  • The enemy will attack players' camps as well. It is crucial to keep the NPC Hero alive. 
  • Be aware of the countdown on the screen; the battle will only be won by killing the enemy Hero within the time limit.

Enjoy polishing your skills and mastering new Unit strategies in Mastery Commander when it arrives on June 1.