Three Seasonal Units are coming to Conqueror’s Blade: Sengoku when the Japanese-inspired update arrives on June 1. In addition to the Seasonal soldiers, there are also other new Units to unlock and have fight by your side.

With blade in hand and bushido spirit in heart, learn more about your new warriors.

Seasonal Units

Ronin (3-Star)

These masterless martial arts masters excel at launching sudden and highly lethal attacks. They call themselves the Ronin and wander the land, protecting the people from tyranny and evil. While their garb may indicate simplicity, their skills are unmatched. 

The Ronin’s Parry Trait gives them a slightly increased attack each time an enemy attack is successfully blocked. Order this Unit to Charge at foes, and inflict extra damage with a Iaido Strike.

Onna-musha (4-Star)

Trained arduously from a young age, the Onna-musha wield their blades with deadly precision. While it is not unusual for young women of the nobility to learn the use of weapons, the ongoing baronial war means they are often called on to put this knowledge to practical use.

The Onna-musha possess the Anti-Cavalry Trait, meaning their attacks have cavalry-blocking effects, and deal 26% more damage, as well as slowing them by 60% for a short period of time.

Order these fearsome females to Charge, and release multiple attacks with their Onslaught.

Orochi Samurai (5-Star)

Exceptionally deadly and lethal, the Orochi Samurai wade into battle with their trusty weapons. Their blood-red armour is sturdy but equally efficient at instilling fear in the enemy. They stand their ground with a smile against even the fiercest of charges with their fearsome yari spears.

This Unit can use Disrupt to delay enemies from attacking in melee or using Skill Orders, then follow up with Disrupting Sweep to hit multiple enemies. Double Strike doles out two quick attacks in the designated direction. 

Non-Seasonal Units

Naginata Monks (3-Star)

While the teachings of the Naginata Monks shun all weapons, the naginata is a weapon that can be learned quickly and also functions as a staff. As desperate times call for desperate measures, the temple monks took to arms to defend their homes. These organised fighters can mount counterattacks without fear or hesitation.

This Unit can brace its weapons and charge forward, bringing the fight directly to its foes.

Mace Sergeants (3-Star) 

The Mace Sergeants were originally established to stand against any would-be invader. They specialise in battering their way through doors, castle gates, and enemies. Yet, with time, their prowess continued to grow, as did their influence. Now, they take on any mission that puts their skills to the test.

Use Cover Commander to gain protection from this Unit in sticky situations, and unlock Meteor Strike via Veterancy Points to unleash multiple attacks, especially effective at smashing through shielded Units. 

Matchlock Ashigaru (4-Star)

While they fight with firearms rather than follow the way of the sword, the Matchlock Ashigaru are an elite force to be reckoned with. Their great achievements cemented their name in the history books.

Order this Unit to Attack Area and make a strategic attack in a designated location to hone in on your foes. Through Veterancy Points, the Matchlock Ashigaru can fire more than one bullet per shot.

Unit Mastery

Mastery for the first batch of Units will become available at the start of the Season. Simply complete the related quests from the Warden to unlock this new feature.

First Units to Receive Mastery:

Palace Guards, Halberdier Sergeants, Prefecture Guards, Mace Sergeants, Pike Militia.


IMPORTANT: This article is accurate as of the time of publication but is subject to change. Please read the Sengoku patch notes and Unit Guides throughout the new Season for the latest information!