As Conqueror’s Blade: Eternal draws to a close, it’s time to boost your Battle Pass and progress through the rewards with ease. 

Battle Pass Discounts

From now until May 24 (23:59 server time), pick up the Eternal Battle Pass for 50% off and save 40% on Battle Pass progress! 

With the Battle Pass, you can earn extra rewards by completing Seasonal Challenges and collecting Glory. Fight your way through more than 100 tiers of exclusive rewards like the Wu's Braves Unit Attire, the Wayward Wind Mount Set, the Hundred Victories Hero Attire, and much more. 

Get 50% off the Eternal Battle Pass from the ‘F5’ menu and Steam, or the Eternal Battle Pass Bundle and the Supreme Glory Bundle (in-game only).

You can also boost your existing Tiers to claim any remaining rewards with 40%off Eternal Battle Pass progress (in-game only).

Double Glory Event

Receive more reverence for your efforts in battle with double Glory awarded in Siege Battles until May 24

New Doctrine Excavation Site

Until May 31 (23:59 server time), enjoy a new limited-time Doctrine Pool: Heights of Valour. Consume your Treatises to be in with a chance of finding the Tower Shield Doctrine, which grants special privileges to Spear Units.