The results are in from the Conqueror’s Blade Community Clash: Server Battle tournament, hosted from April 24–28! This heated competition saw servers go head-to-head, represented by a handful of the finest champions from EU1, EU2, and NA.

Thank you to our guest shoutcasters Templeshot (Conqueror’s Blade Content Creator and captain of PLEBs, the winners of the CBL: Winter League 2023 tournament) and 9Fingers (Conqueror’s Blade Content Creator and shoutcaster for CBL: Winter League 2023) for providing expert coverage of proceedings over on Twitch, alongside Community Managers KT_Peridot, Chibs, and Milord.

And, of course, thank you to all our teams, players, and everyone rooting for their server on Twitch! 

Without further ado, let’s see who reigned supreme in this latest bout…


A massive congratulations to EU1 (Crystal Sea), who seized victory from an undefeated gauntlet of matches. Led by their captain MonstaMango, give a virtual round of applause to the following heroes:

  • DunkelKagan
  • Zengaa
  • Madshin
  • KamiKo
  • MortuusLudum
  • Macuka
  • FerrariScuderia
  • OnurS
  • BoBxAchilleS
  • lnstinctKagan
  • sickowagwan
  • UncookedBananas
  • GHoStEx
  • Jekkt
  • AtomicJan
  • Diyu
  • PapaBabouche
  • Trytothegod
  • malabreak
  • Gued-1
  • Bloodstory


Battling from across the Atlantic, NA (Eagle Range) snatched two points from the now-champions in their first match and scored a close victory over EU2 to secure second place. Led by their captain PixieLixi, raise a glass to the following heroes:

  • MilkTruck
  • Fawksito
  • PlatypusBuk
  • JeanneFanClub
  • FalleN
  • Ezioauditore
  • JeffVader
  • EggKnighted
  • Rhaegal
  • runecard
  • KhorneBerserker-1
  • Warfarfu
  • VatsaL
  • cchotgun
  • SinFrost
  • NotPixieLixi
  • BiffMcFly
  • Ipop
  • Germs
  • Flotekk


Though EU2 (Sicania) did not win a match, their showdown against NA saw them put up an incredible fight that was enough to secure them two points. Led by their captain Shu, give a solid nod of respect to the following heroes:

  • kaitoEU
  • Kyrios
  • KickedDejaVu
  • c0rli0ne
  • ElFleODiin
  • GoScorp
  • Oemig
  • NasuKaZe
  • BİGsFioraW
  • PurpleLean
  • Blanko
  • kubixsen
  • vDoxee
  • NovaaRapid
  • RGIAcynox
  • Kotansama
  • xPxKygrys
  • DripZimek
  • Taisa
  • RandomMelone
  • lakshmikanth

Players from the top three teams will each receive unique prizes, including a Shield for the Myrmillones (4-Star Unit), a Banner, and a Player Title.

If you have any feedback about this tournament, please share it with our team via the Conqueror's Blade Discord so we can use it to inform and shape the future of esports in Conqueror’s Blade.

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