Stirrup trouble in Conqueror’s Blade with the Dark Horse Victory Event, now active until May 18 (08:00 server time).

Dark Horse Victory Event & Exchange

Participate in Siege Battles to earn Fodder and Spring Water, then head to the Event Exchange to trade them in for the following prizes:

  • Greater Scrolls of Glory
  • Treatises
  • Artificer's Stones
  • Legendary Divine Crow
  • Powdered Silver
  • Bronze Coins
  • Epic Hero Schematic Crate

The ultimate reward is the Night Charger Mount, a noble black steed with lightning-fast speed! 

Saddle Up with the Infernal Flame Attire Chest

From now until May 18, you can ride into battle in style with the Infernal Flame Attire Chest. Spend your Golden Keys to obtain this Chest, and open it for a chance of receiving the most-coveted reward—Infernal Flame Mount Set, which will set the battlefield on fire with special effects!

Check out the drop rates for the Infernal Flame Attire Chest in-game via the ‘G’ menu.

30% off Weekly Vault Key Packs

As well as the mane event, you can also pick up Weekly Vault Key Packs every Monday at 00:00 server time for 30% off, containing 10x Vault Keys & 100,000 Silver. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!