Tune in to Conqueror’s Blade on Twitch and feast your eyes on server vs server showdowns from today

Before we can get down to the business of battling, we need YOU to help decide on Unit bans and Maps. Head over to Discord and Twitter to vote on polls that will decide which Maps our teams will face off on, as well as which Units are banned.

Community Clash will be hosted by your Community Managers—-KT_Peridot, Chibs, Milord and a special guest caster: Templeshot!

Check out the schedule below:

  • April 24 (19:00 CEST) - EU1 vs EU2 (Bo5)
  • April 25 (19:00 CEST) - No matches
  • April 26 (19:00 CEST) - EU1 vs NA (Bo5)
  • April 27 (19:00 CEST) - EU2 vs NA (Bo5)
  • April 28 (19:00 CEST) - Final (Bo7)

The top three teams will receive unique prizes including a Banner and Title.

The competitive crews are raring to go, and the team members had this to say about the impending Community Clash and their experience playing Conqueror’s Blade:

EU1 (Crystal Sea)

Diyu: “Played since Season VI. Still a noob.”

Sickowagwan: “I play every tournament that the game has to offer. Won some, lost some.”

ivanGrozni: “I'm making first blood—-either by killing someone or by dying first. Pressure is key in my opinion, but too few players (if any) can understand that. Which also means I might be crazy.”

UncookedBananas: “Spear is love, Spear is life.”

EU2 (Sicania)

KickedDejaVu: “Have you met DejaVu, the infamous Pike-wielder of EU2? He's like a ninja with a long stick—-quick, deadly, and always ready for action.”

DripZimek: “An unafraid Nodachi player who doesn't know what it means to retreat.”

BIGsTEROLCUS: “I've been playing this game for about 11 Seasons, even though my main goal is friendship right now, my only goal every season is to fight in the main capital.”

EBUxFLiNT: “I am an aggressive player and prefer to play Units at their max efficiency.”

NA (Eagle Range)

Ipop: “I’ve been part of this community since the early Seasons of the game. I have explored all aspects of the game from the Open World to competitive tournaments. I have participated in all the major tournaments and am very active in the community.”

JeanneFanClub: “I started playing this game in the Helheim season. I really liked the depth the Unit commands added to the Hero combat. It fulfils a niche that other games don't. I decided to drop other games I had played regularly for this one.”

Flotekk: “I have been playing since Season IV and want to showcase my skills finally on the big screen.”

FalleN: “If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.”

Looks like some tough competition! We just hope all the teams have fun. Make sure not to miss the first Community Clash battle at 19:00 CEST on April 24!