Conqueror’s Blade is in full bloom with springtime events and sales! From now until May 7, enjoy the following flowering fun:

  • Spring Cleaning—-Mop up Battle Pass Rewards: Complete Weekly Challenges from April 24 to May 7, and receive Double Glory for your efforts to grow your Battle Pass tiers.
  • Business is Blooming at the Smuggler: The Smuggler will now sell 2x Scrolls of Renewal per week for 15,000 Silver (this is a permanent change).
  • Doctrines as Fresh as a Daisy: From April 22-23, removing Doctrines won’t cost any Lotus Water!
  • Thyme to Take Five: The Weekly Unit Medal Pack purchase limit has increased from two to five, meaning you can grab quintuple the amount of 200x Unit Medals and 5x Large Chests of Bronze every Monday.

Sun-drenched Spring Sales

Upgrade your battlefield fashion until May 4 (until maintenance) with the following items up for grabs from the Personalisation Interface (‘P’) and the in-game Store.

  • Serpentarian Hero Attire
  • Beast Lord Maul
  • Golden Dragon Glaive
  • Antique Ancestral Shortsword & Shield
  • Antique Blue Dragon Glaive
  • Antique Grandmaster's Longsword & Shield
  • Antique Warchief Poleaxe
  • Antique Sunburst Spear
  • Antique Noble Samurai Nodachi
  • Antique Gilded Musket
  • Antique Myrmidon Bow
  • Antique Grasshopper Short Bow
  • Antique Serpentine Dual Blades

Budding Bundles 

Welcome warmer weather with budding bundles at 10% off from the in-game Store!

  • Seize the Crown Sword Bundle: Grasp victory in style with this bundle containing the Antique Ancestral Shortsword & Shield and Antique Grandmaster's Longsword & Shield.
  • Seize the Crown Polearm Bundle: Keep bad guys at bay with theAntique Blue Dragon Glaive, Antique Warchief Poleaxe, and Antique Sunburst Spear.
  • Seize the Crown Bow Bundle: Take control of the battle from afar with the Antique Myrmidon Bow and the Antique Grasshopper Short Bow.
  • Seize the Crown Specialist Bundle: Hack and slash your foes fashionable with theAntique Noble Samurai Nodachi, Antique Gilded Musket, and Antique Serpentine Dual Blades.