Start sharing the wealth with your friends with permanent Unit Sharing, and lead your Units into the updated Escalation mode!

Unit Sharing

Unit Sharing is now permanent! Utilise this function in your House or Cohort, and receive rewards for your generosity. 

Check out the updates to the system below:

  • Players Level 200 and below can use the Unit Sharing function for free.
  • Players above Level 200 can use Unit Sharing, but each time they borrow a Unit, it will cost 10,000 Bronze Coins.
  • The Unit Sharing interface has been optimised.
  • You can now see which House member has shared any Unit by moving your cursor over it.
  • Lieges and Seneschals can now remove other players’ Shared Units from the Unit Pool.
  • The reward for sharing your Units has been updated! You can now obtain a Random Artillery Box twice a day, which has a chance of containing the Divine Crow.

Escalation Mode Changes

Escalation grants the ability to freely change your Units and strategy. Yet, Leadership still remains a resource that is expended fairly quickly. With a restricted amount of Leadership, the number of Units you can take into battle is also restricted.

Our goal is to lower the impact that Unit deaths have on the overall outcome of a battle. By changing Leadership from a consumable resource into a more dynamic one you can gain and spend throughout the course of a battle, we hope to deepen strategising and enable more possibilities.

A Single Starter Unit

At the beginning of a battle, you will still spend Leadership to select a single Unit during the preparation stage. We've also created a new feature, 'Main Units', to help you find your most-used Units all that much faster. Simply set your most-used Units as a 'Main Unit' and they'll be shown in the menu.

Leadership Refunds

Units that retreat or die will now refund a certain amount of Leadership.

Drafting Units is no longer a one-time action. If a Unit you're using is unsuitable for the situation at hand, you can command them to retreat, thereby refunding some Leadership, and call upon another Unit instead. Unit deaths now also accrue much lower losses and won't expend all the Leadership used on them. Instead, you'll be refunded a ratio of the Leadership used. This means that you'll be able to call upon the aid of more Units throughout a single battle for fiercer fights and more attempts at outmanoeuvring your opponents.

Each Unit has a set refund value. Units that are more likely to take damage or with generally less K/D will have a higher refund value.

Calling New Units

You can use Leadership to call on the aid of fresh Units when you're required to after death or by visiting a Supply Point. With increased Leadership, you can call on the Units you need to fit the battle at hand.

Escalation Availability

Escalation will be available every day at set times from April 13, replacing Riot Act timeslots.

  • 17:00 - 21:00 CEST / 11:00 - 15:00 EDT
  • 23:00 - 03:00 CEST / 17:00 - 21:00 EDT

Escalation Maps

The following maps will be available: 

  • Harbour City
  • Kurak Castle Redux
  • Sun City
  • White Elk Fort
  • Heilung Fjord
  • Reginopolis

We'll continue to improve and innovate the Escalation ruleset and, hopefully, changes like this will fundamentally alter how such battles are played and lead to more fun for everyone.