Ride into battle with the fearsome Yanyuedao Cavalry by your side. Commence your journey into legend with this brand-new Unit when you unlock them via Unit Challenges in Conqueror’s Blade: Eternal.


The Yanyuedao Cavalry can be unlocked by completing Unit Challenges. They come with a Seasonal Bonus in the form of Leadership requirements decreased by 15 points for the duration of the Season. 


The Yanyuedao Cavalry is a unique band of riders inspired by real-life historical figure Guan Yu—one of the five Tiger Generals. This Unit builds up a catastrophic charge by dragging its glaives across the ground and unleashing a brutal attack on its foes.

Strengths & Weaknesses 

This Unit’s power of momentum is its greatest strength. The Yanyuedao Cavalry can mount a dreadful attack by charging up their violent incursions. While these fearsome riders are deadly to enemy Units, their weakness is against Heroes, where armour penetration is 50% less effective.

Veterancy can improve attacking to the point that it will always cause at least 65% of their max damage, and health and cooldowns can be improved too. 

Just The Facts: Yanyuedao Cavalry (5-Star)


  • Dispersed: The Unit spreads out to avoid ranged attacks and artillery.
  • Line: The Unit lines up ready for orders.
  • Wedge: A wedge formation used for charging enemies.

Unit Traits

  • Eternal Servitude: Leadership cost is reduced by 15 points while the Eternal Season is active.
  • Momentous Power: The Yanyuedao Cavalry cause more damage the longer Mounting Dread is used.
  • Area Effect: This Unit is effective at dealing with groups of enemies. 
  • Fire-Resistant: This Unit is less likely to take fire damage from thermal weapons.
  • Combat Penalty vs Heroes: Dread Unleashed’s armour penetration is 50% less effective versus Heroes.

Unit Orders

  • Mounting Dread: The Unit begins to build up momentum, unlocking their second skill—Dread Unleashed.
  • Dread Unleashed: The Unit crash into the enemy formation and let all that built-up momentum out in the form of violence.
  • Rushing Blow: The Yayuedao Cavalry move into contact with an enemy Unit and lay into them, causing devastating damage.

The Yanyuedao Cavalry is now available to unlock via Unit Challenges.

NOTE: The above information is correct as of the time of publication. Please check in-game for the most up-to-date Unit information.