Outfit your heroes and troops with mythical Attire from Collector’s Packs, available once again from the official Conqueror’s Blade website!

Three new Packs inspired by the legends of the Gorgons and Medusa are available via the newly redesigned and relaunched Collector’s Packs page:

  • Gorgon's Fate Bundle: Turn your enemies to stone with items fit for a Gorgon goddess. Contains the Medusa's Acolyte Hero Attire, Gorgon’s Guardian Mount Set, plus a selection of Legendary and Epic Artillery Boxes, Rare Schematic Chests, Huge Chests of Resources, and 100,000 Silver.
  • Devout Destiny Bundle: Control your fate in battle and adorn your troops in fashionable fits. Contains the Gorgon's Guardian Hero Attire plus a selection of Super Hero XP Cards, Scrolls of Renewal, and Rare Schematic Chests.
  • Cobra Cult Bundle: Imbue the strength in spirit of the snake-handler cult of old. Contains the Ophiuchean Unit Attire plus a selection of Super Hero XP Cards and Unit Medals.

Secure these serpentine supplies from the Collector’s Packs page today! 

Playing on Steam? Just log in with your Steam account on conqblade.com to purchase these Packs.