When Conqueror’s Blade: Eternal launches on February 23, so too will the Artificer's Forge! This new system will allow you to reforge equipment and upgrade it using a new item: the Artificer's Stone.

The Quest for Leadership

Leadership continues to be the most popular attribute that players try to stack on their armour pieces. While Leadership enables you to bring more Units into battle to counter any foe you may come up against, it also makes it more difficult to gain increased survival attributes like Health and Defence. This makes it difficult to raise your survivability with equipment, plus, this quest for Leadership greatly detracts from the enjoyment of forging itself.

To remedy this, we're launching the Artificer's Forge, a system where you can have your cake and eat it too! 

New System: Artificer's Forge

Reforging will enable you to upgrade the equipment you forge. With reforging, your equipment will retain its set effects while giving you better odds of upgrading its attributes or even gaining completely new affixes. Reforging will reset the equipment's endurance.

Locking Key Attributes

Some of you may wonder: "but won't that just destroy the Leadership equipment I've worked so hard to gather?"

To prevent this, we've added the ability to lock attributes. You can choose to lock certain attributes during reforging, preventing these from being altered in the process. You'll also get to choose whether to keep your previous unlocked attributes or change to the new ones after a reforge. This enables you to try for better and higher attributes without having to worry about losing what you've worked so hard to get.

For example: If you have a piece of equipment with +25 Leadership, you can lock it and reforge it and still retain that +25 Leadership.

Effort is Always Rewarded

There are always those who get nothing but Rare and Epic weapons even after forging ten times and may be frustrated about not receiving Legendaries.

We've reworked the reforging algorithm to remedy this very issue. If a reforging results in a Rare or Epic quality product, the chance for your next reforging to become Legendary increases. This chance continues to increase until you create a Legendary quality product.

The results of each reforging will be shown right there in the menu. This gives you a clear view of the chance for each possible outcome right from the get-go.

Reforging Materials

Reforging will require Artificer's Stones, which you can acquire from Matchmaking Battles, Territory Wars, Events, progressing through the Battle Pass, and by donating resources to the Fame Envoy.

We're not scrapping previously used Hero Materials either. We've added drops of these to the aforementioned content (such as Territory Wars), giving you the means to further upgrade your equipment no matter what you enjoy doing in the game.

We'll continue to adjust this system in our quest to further improve playability.

Prepare for Conqueror’s Blade: Eternal, coming as a free update on February 23!

IMPORTANT: This article is accurate as of the time of publication but may be subject to change. Please read the Eternal patch notes throughout the new Season for the latest information!