In the world of Conqueror's Blade where battles are mainly fought steel against steel and mano a mano, firearms can easily turn the tide of combat.

Artillery allows for greater possibilities in every battle. On each map, you command your Units and steer your Hero through battle, while also considering the strategic ramifications of Artillery. In some battles, choosing and using the correct Artillery may well be what ultimately decides the result. As it can cause great effect, Artillery has naturally been a focal point for our players and we have kept an eye on the enjoyment and balance of these powerful weapons.

All-New Artillery

With the launch of Conqueror’s Blade: Eternal, we're adding a new type of Artillery to the game—the Divine Crow. Our goal is for this Ancient Chinese weapon of war to bring about renewed vitality for Artillery in the battles ahead.

The Divine Crow in History

Invented during the Ming dynasty, the Divine Crow was the first winged rocket featuring multiple tubes filled with gunpowder. Based on the book ‘Huolongjing’ from the 14th century, the Divine Crow was made from bamboo, reeds, and cotton. It was shaped like a crow, and its belly was filled with gunpowder. The four fuses on its back were connected to the four tubes beneath its belly. To launch it, one simply lit the four fuses to propel the crow forward. Upon reaching its destination, flames would engulf its belly and ignite the gunpowder stored within, creating a great fiery explosion that burned the target down. With the use of multiple tubes to push it forward and its supporting wings, it could hit targets hundreds of meters away. It was thus capable of hitting targets behind walls or even in the back of the enemy's lines.

The Divine Crow in Conqueror's Blade

In Conqueror's Blade, the Divine Crow will become an important tool in your arsenal capable of causing devastating damage in a variety of scenarios. A single Divine Crow strike can create multiple explosions that deal lasting burn damage. All in all, it deals fairly high damage and lets you exact control in a fairly big area. If set up ahead of time, it can be used to deal sustained damage and gain dominance over enemies in tight formations. Use it correctly and you can create openings for your own forces and more easily deal with tight groups of enemies.

Epic & Legendary Rarities

The Divine Crow comes in two rarities: Epic and Legendary. Each rarity features a unique appearance and damage profile. However, it will only be available in Epic rarity for the time being. As we continue to gather data and observe how it fares in combat, we will decide later on when to make the Legendary version available. But rest assured, you'll be able to test out both rarities from the get-go, as we'll be adding them to select maps.

New PvE Challenge

We're adding an all-new PvE challenge to the World Map that you can challenge a limited number of times each week. Rise to the challenge to find unbound Epic Divine Crows!

Unit Sharing Rewards

Rewards from sharing units with your House or Imperial Restorationists have a chance to grant Epic Divine Crows. As they say, sharing is caring!

Territory War Report Rewards

Territory War report rewards will have a chance to grant Epic Divine Crows.

The Divine Crow will aim to arrive in Conqueror’s Blade in mid-March.

IMPORTANT: This article is accurate as of the time of publication but may be subject to change. Please read the Eternal patch notes throughout the new Season for the latest information!